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  1. Good afternoon everyone!

    Today I propose to you to make a small group roleplay where we would each take the role of both a young page and a full fledged knight... without ever needing to change characters. How will this be feasible, you ask? Well, through a fluid timeline, of course! You see, each knight to be will be assigned both a squire and a knight to serve under, and we will thuse go back and forth in the timeline, strengthening links to former and later events and thus making an ironclad characterisation and worldbuilding roleplay.

    The setting will be a mix of medieval fantasy with futuristic elements such as elaborate cities and holds and an adequate medical system. I ask merely that all would make a good effort to make quality post and to respect the already established lore that we will make during play.

    Would anyone be interested in such an endeavor?
  2. I'm very, very interested.
  3. Great! Do you have any questions or suggestions you would like to share :)?
  4. Nope, not yet.

    I might when/if this gets started.

    If you don't get the interest you were hoping for, I'd be open to doing this 1x1 style.
  5. I'm interested. ^^
  6. Ok, that makes three of us, all right :)!

    Any question or suggestion, Milady?
  7. Suggestion

    Perhaps characters would be childhood friends as Pages, split up when they become knights, and by some odd twist of fate reunite?
  8. Mhm, that could certainly happens.
  9. Now it's just the toughest part:

    The waiting game.
  10. Yes, an figuring out how things will be able to come a full circle so that all characters are both page and Knight mentors.
  11. You could just have the roleplay start at the beginning of both timelines.

  12. I meant to say that someone will end up with just being a page and the other just a knight, so I'm wondering how to make a loop out of this problem.
  13. Ooooo! If you're still looking for people to join you all, I'm totally interested!
  14. Awesome!
  15. After some thinking, I do have a question. How open are the ranks of the knights to females? ^^
  16. This is an alternate medieval fantasy, so both genders are represented :).
  17. Oh good. ^^ It's more sex than gender I worry about, though. XDD
  18. This'll be a general forum rp, so anyting more than courtly love will get the fade to black treatment. :)
  19. No, I mean the sex of the character. Just because both genders are allowed doesn't mean females are. XD
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Not open for further replies.