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  1. This 'might' belong in the Bored Games section, but this more planning for one instead.

    Anyway's a got an idea for essentially a for fun 'tourny' where popular member's of iwaku were pitted against each other in a 'fight'. No I don't mean a debate, I mean the "Batman VS Superman" kind. And then members would vote on who they think would win with their reasoning and then the winner moves on to the next round or something.

    Reasoning could be stuff like.

    "Gwazi wins because his Baneblade is indestructable!"
    "Brovo would win because he would have a Ferret Army at his command!"
    "Diana wins because she's the Admin and is a Predatory Owl!"


    If there's interest I'm thinking of setting it up like an actual tournament (though whose in it I'm not sure how to determine). But I was figured I should ask for other people's advice/input first.
  2. I'm just curious as to what sort of strengths and abilities I would have in this sort of thing.
  3. I wager it'd be down to those with the fighting skill and/or experience.
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  4. I am also like Kaga, curious as to wha abilities I'd have.

    I'm guessing I'd be somewhat like a Saber class.
  5. Why waste all that time and effort when you could just crown me champion?
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  6. The way I'm currently thinking, it would be up to whoever's posting at the time.
    Though leaving it up to just one person might not be the best idea.

    Abilities I'd likely give each of you is:

    Kaga: Time Travel (Doctor Who), D&D Bardic Music Abilities (Beatles), Encyclopaedia like knowledge on Fandom Topics.
    Paladin: You kinda hit it right on the head. Though probably be super effective against General's and Batman.
    Because the victory's more meaningful if you earn it. :P
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  7. I believe the subtitle beneath my username earns me the victory.
    As for the other contenders, Gwazi has an army, so... yeah...
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  8. I am all for this, then!
  9. *fluffs*

    I'm too fluffy and innocent to fight! .3.

    jk i'll fight all of you
  10. I burn down orphanages for science. I think I'm pretty much willing to go at any lengths to take you chumps down.
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  12. Hrm, sounds like fun! >:D
  13. Assistant archangel of love.

    I'll make you all love me > / / <
  14. But then how would you fare against the main Archangel of Love?
  15. we are one being
  16. But that's 2 against 1.

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  17. With running the risk of being a party pooper, just wanna tell you guys that I had bad cases of "Popularity Contest"-esque systems causing lots of sitewide drama and butthurt. o_o in my previous RP-sites (2 of them actually). So... please keep things civil, guys.
  18. I clicked on this thread thinking someone found a way to get Iwaku into Super Smash Bros Brawl games online.

    Severely disappointed.
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  19. But is an army of bread really that threatening though? The kind of bed that isn't sentient enough to fight that is.
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