Iwaku Brawl - Creating The Roster

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This is a new series of Bored Games called "Iwaku Brawl".

Detailed a bit further here.

In a nutshell, 16 Iwaku member's will be chosen to compete in this tournament, where the goal is obviously to win. These Brawl's will take place in each individual thread via Poll. Where each day (or more depending on how long it takes for people) a new Brawl will be taking place, and members will be required to vote for who they think would win in a fight. Note this is according to their Internet Persona's, not their RL Counterparts.

So silly abilities such as say "Bane Blade", "TARDIS", "Army of Ferrets" are acceptable.
When people are voting, feel free to make your case in the comments, it might end up persuading others.

Now, since it's done via Poll I have to leave it via honour system for people to vote for who they think would win, opposed to who they like the best.


This specific thread however is not going to be a Brawl, but rather choosing who takes part.

People are free to volunteer themselves or others, and the most popular sixteen results will be put into the Brawl (Ties resolved on a first come first served basis).
When people are volunteered feel free to mention some abilities and/or reasoning for them having a chance of winning. If these abilities are generally agreed upon they will be noted in the OP for their Brawls so posters can at the get-go get some idea of the capabilities of each member.

This voting thread will stay open for approximately a week to gather contestants, longer if 16 cannot be gathered in that time. After which may the fighting begin and the most glorious come out on top!
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You know I'm in.

You know my weapon, Gwazi.

Saber's Noble Phantasms.
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It should be noted feel free to nominate others as well.
Otherwise we're waiting for 16 people to wander by and express interest.
I would like to nominate @Razilin because Batman (and no one beats Batman).
Must I say more?
Is this still going on despite the apocalypse?
I'd like to enter myself as a contestant..
Weapon of choice: Fangs, Claws, and Branches
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So, we don't really seem to have enough to fill at 16 yet.
And I don't want to just conscript a ton of people out of the blue.

But I also want to try to start this before too long.
So I'm going to wait until Sunday, and then I'll be making the new thread with all the contestants.

Please try to hire who you can for this in the meantime.


Also just FYI I'm going to lose so hardcore. :3
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