Iwaku Book Club?

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Would you join an Iwaku Book Club?

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  3. Yes if... (Comment below)

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  1. not every reader writes, but every writer reads!

    If there was an Iwaku Book Club (probably using the groups function), would you join it?

    It would work roughly like this; a book is chosen, all interested members read it. When everybody's done, we discuss the book with each other.

    The goal is to keep us reading and thinking. Book choices would be by vote, and would be available online or common enough titles that we can bank on them being in any public library.

    Wow it's a thing!
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  2. I would love to join, but I know that I wouldn't be able to keep up due to my studying pace... Bummer, I love reading and discussing literature! >_<
  3. Sorry, I'm illiterate.
  4. I would love that. I live in a small town and have always wanted something like this. Online would be just as good for a book club.
  5. This sounds very interesting! I've never heard of an Online Book Club... but I wanna join! =3
  6. I <3 Book Clubs
  7. I would love this!!
  8. Yes, I would very much like to join something like this.
  9. Could be neat. I'd join.
  10. i've been meaning to expand my reading when i get the chance. I would be a slow reader but i moste def would try :D
  11. I like reading. But too finicky to bother.
    Might be interested to keep the spouse out of her depression slump.
  12. Wooh! Can you post a link so we can see it??? 0///0 I'mma love it, I just know! =D
  13. ....Only if we can pom
  14. Nope, sorry.