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  1. So, the concept of the game, is to take a famous scene, and push it somewhere else Iwaku-ify it. It doesn't have to even be a well-known scene, just make sure we know it.

    Meet Herrdoktor
    HerrDoktor: And when the user logged in, his posts were missing, and the moderator was never heard from again! nyway, that's how I lost my moderating privileges...
    (Archimedes goes into Mature section)
    Archimedes, no! It's filthy in there! Uck.
    Now, most accounts couldn't withstand this many warnings, but Im fairly certain your account...
    (GatlingGuy's alternate account is removed)
    GatlingGuy: What was noise?
    HerrDoktor: The sound of updates, my friend.
    (Clicks through folders, finds stored password)
    Ah, perfect.
    DashingDevil: Ban me.
    HerrDoktor: Later.
    Where was I?
    (Types in password)
    Ah, there we go. Come on... Come on...
    (Logging in)
    (Maniacal laughter from HD, worried laughter from GG)
    (Safe login)
    Herrdoktor: Oh, that looks good.
    (Starts fiddling with GG's account)
    Very nice there.
    GatlingGuy: Should I be logged in for this?
    Herrdoktor: Eheh, well, no. But as long as you are, could you open your resume for me? I can't... seem...
    (GtlingGuy's resume is deleted)
    GatlingGuy: Argh!
    Herrdoktor: Oh, don't be such a baby. Resumes are autosaved.
    (To Archimedes) No they aren't...
    (GG's account is wiped of bad reputation)
    GatlingGuy: what happens now?
    Herrdoktor; Now? Let's post some RPs...
    (Edits profile, appears on main page)
    (Sees people being trolled/given bad reputation/etc.)
    (Removes everything)
    (GatlingGuy is in particularly troll-infested thread)
    GatlingGuy: Doktor! Are you sure this will work?
    HerrDoktor: Ahah, I have no idea!
    (HD maakes GG immune to any punishments)
    (Trolls banned by the bucketload)