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  1. who else thinks that iwaku should have an app to make it easier for people to access from their phones?
    I think that would be the best thing EVER
  2. Hasn't this been brought up a bunch of times?
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  4. I have no clue, lol I haven't been active on this sight in a long time.
    But I am assuming other people have brought it up on occasion, I'm just wondering why nothing is being done about it...or if somethign is being done about it.

    and thank you asmodeus :)
  5. It has indeed been brought up many times. So many times that I may suggest an answer be made in the FAQ so people don't keep making threads on the same topic. Nothing wrong with it if they do, just no point since the answer isn't changing~

    Iwaku is not planned to have any sort of app that I've heard of. The mobile site is very well done and works better than most mobile sites, and remembering that, and app isn't really needed. It would kinda just cost a lot to make one too and again that's not really so smart when we already have put together a mobile version of the site. I understand an app may be easier with a one click and load type deal, but that's also possible to do by just saving the webpage as an icon on the home screen ^^

    That's what I know so far. It's also 11 though, so my sleepy brain may not be making the sense that I would like XD
  6. We don't have the funds to get a custom app made, but Diana is hoping that tapatalk will work eventually. Right now it has really bad bugs for xenforo though, and they need to be fixed first.
  7. We tried to get one set up once, a while back.

    Turned into a complete clusterfuck, we lost a bunch of moneys, and lots of people got burned over it.

    So yeah, prolly not gonna be happening any time soon. Xenforo has pretty decent support for mobile browsers anyway, so its not so much of a problem.
  8. Wait... this isn't General Chat.

    Where am I?

    *checks his phone*

    OH MY GOD.

  9. The alternative solution would be to use a forum aggregate app called Tapatalk, but as has been discussed before when this comes up, Tapatalk doesn't play nicely with the forums.

    Plus, basically all the functions that Tapatalk has are all already supported on mobile by Xenforo.
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