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  1. I don't know how easy or hard this'd be to develop or how many people would use it, but I was thinking earlier that I sometimes get the occasional 10 minutes every so often between doing things where I don't really have anything to do. I think at that point I could have great use for a small app on my phone that simply has a list of all the threads I'm following that have been posted in within the last couple of weeks and lets me read any new posts to see if theres anything I need to think about a response to between then and the next time I'd get a chance to post. Anyone with more useful knowledge able to give a suggestion as to how possible this would be?
  2. wasnt this discussed already? tho to be honest, i dont remember what the details were
  3. I don't check the chats forum often tbh, though I suspected someone would have had the idea before...
  4. *moves to help desk where feature requests belong*

    There is no and for the foreseeable future will be no Iwaku app! Besides not having means, persons, or funds to develop one, the website is already mobile-friendly, can be saved to desktops on smartphones as a bookmark icon, and offers an email alert option that, if your phone dings for emails, works as an notification feature. You can also refresh your inbox and alerts without refreshing the whole page by just tapping "Inbox" or "Alerts" at the top of the page.

    An app works fundamentally differently from a website, and since it would be a big, long, expensive, risky, and somewhat redundant project, the site is focusing on other things like the new Groups update, an upcoming new feature for roleplays, and of course, the roleplays themselves!
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  5. Well, there is a Watched Threads link, but you'd have to manually navigate to each thread to read the latest posts, as you can probably see. Does that count? :o
  6. I figured there'd be a funding issue
    Stupid money always getting in the way of my plans. I had no idea there was a way to save bookmarks to a home screen though, and that'll do well enough.
  7. For what it's worth, I know there is/was/has been some talk of getting Tapatalk functionality, which is a mobile-based forum browser.

    I believe it's something Diana has been looking at on-and-off since the client itself has a lot of issues.
  8. I see what Minibit is saying here. However, I always thought this would be a good idea not for alert reasons, but for the fact that the mobile version is laggy and annoying on every device I'm using it on.
  9. Hm. It shoudln't be; runs fine both on my current iphone and it ran fine on my last phone, too.

    Try tapping your name at the top of the screen and selecting Preferences. On that menu, un-check the Rich Text Editor, the Flash-Based uploader, and Showing Signatures. These, I find, are the biggest causes of lag; especially if you try to load a page where lots of people with gif/video signatures have posted. You can't format posts all colourfully without typing the BB code without Rich Text editor, but I find the pages load a lot faster.

    Other than that, maybe check your device's internet connection? Also if you have an ad-blocker on your device, enable it on Iwaku to keep the banner ads from slowing you down.
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