I've returned!!!

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  1. First: I am so so so sorry that I vanished for so long. :'( please forgive me! I wound up going into early labor, we had a short stay in the hospital, and then of course the whole "newborn experience". Now that she's older and (somewhat) sleeping through the night, and I'm no longer a zombie I feel it's safe to announce my return!

    Second: I'm now a stay at home mommy! :D Meaning that I will have more opportunity to check up on here, but also meaning that I'm super busy and will probably only be able to reply a couple times a week. Just be patient with me, I'm still figuring out all this tiny human stuff.

    Third: ...that's it, I guess. Hi everyone! <3
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  2. Welcome Home and congratulations
  3. thank you! :)
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  4. Yay! Rainbow face washing! ^_^ Thank you! (And the Ladybug says thank you too.)
  5. Welcome back and Congrats!
  6. Welcome back!
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