I've never drawn before in my life.

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  1. Well, that's a lie; I drew about two or three little pictures when I was in 9th grade. But other than that, I haven't had any training or practice, so when I decided to pick up a #2 pencil and a bunch of printer paper and try my hand a some stuff for my RPs, I wasn't too sure if it would work out.

    I'm pretty happy with where it's going, though.

    I only have two pictures ATM(my damn dog stepped on the other two), but here they are:


    This one I got a lot of help from the WikiHow on how to draw noses. I didn't want to use a resouse like that, or have anyone show me any pointers, but I just don't know any tricks of the trade, and man do they turn out to help a lot!

    She's supposed to be my new PC for Ilium; Captain Jerriksdotter.


    This one is a little sketch just for use as a size comparison between an NPC of mine, also from Ilium, and an average sized human.

    Hope you guys like them!

    Please feel free to give any critisism or commentary you feel like giving. :)
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  2. You've the basic concepts of perspective, proportion and some contrast. For what little experience you claim to have, I do see fine potential which may be brought to another level by some hard work and determination. As for the first picture, I suggest just looking at other peoples faces (or even your own) in different shades of light. In what drawing I do, I've found one of my favorite things to do in a drawing is shading and contrast. Goof around with some various inanimate objects you may have at your disposal and draw them with varying shades of light as practice and I'm sure you can take your skill with pencil to a new level that may even surprise yourself.
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  3. Thanks a lot, DGraves!

    I'll be sure to try that out. I've noticed that shading really is a huge factor with this stuff, so I think you're right on the money.
  4. [​IMG]

    This is the first one I did, maybe 5 days ago. (EDIT: The big black line on his head is supposed to be a scar. I made it too dark to take away, so I just left it. I know it's awful, but eh, live and learn.)

    My dog stepped on it, so it's wrinkly, which is why I didn't post it in the first place. But it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would under the camera after all, so here it is. I obviously could not conjure a good idea of what an ear looked like, but I fixed that in the later ones by looking at my own. Speaking of which:


    This one is a very unfinished sketch of my reflection. Again, couldn't get the nose right, so I just put it aside.

    Then I tried to do my Ilium character, Jarriksdotter:


    Which, as you can see, looks WAY too much like sketch of my own face. So, I decided to look up some help online.

    I searched how to draw noses, cause I knew it was an area I simply didn't grasp. I found the Wiki How page about it, and copied it a good deal, but tried to change it's height and width, and add hair and other details not in the how to guide.

    I then came up with the first picture I posted in this thread, and now, here is a touched up version I just did:


    Noticed that she needed more hair around and above her ear; looked like she had the sides of her head shaved before, hahaha.
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  5. Dottie looks pretty good to me breh, just her left eye looks a little odd to me. You're better at noses and lips than I am.

    /not good at critiquing or whatever
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  6. Haha, thanks man, but, again, I won't really take credit for the lips and eyes and nose; I copied that from the Wiki.
  7. Those are pretty good for someone who hadn't practiced an awful lot. *sees potential*

    I'm going to be posting some new Art Challenges in the creative challenge forum, you should watch out for those! Good luck Gonzo :P
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  8. Thanks, Heliacal! I'd love to try my hand at those!
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  9. I'm quoting what my various art teachers told me way back when whilst attempting to understand how to better my drawing. It seems that shading and lighting are the largest factors when it comes to using coal, graphite or colored pencils. As for the scar on that first picture in your second post, you can easily add some shading elements to his forehead to give it less of a gash look so that it becomes more flush as the scar has aged. Or use graphite paper to overdraw the picture again without having to sacrifice quality by erasing.

    Graphite paper is one of my best friends when it comes to fixing up a rough sketch that I can't properly erase.
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