I've got ideas for anyone interested :)

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  1. I'm not new to roleplaying but I am new to roleplaying on Iwaku :) I have a few ideas but let me tell you a little about how I roleplay first!
    I only play straight females and romance is a must for me! I type a few paragraphs in a post and both of my resumes are filled out, and yes I will do mature roleplays.

    1: End of the World: Think of The Day After Tomorrow -- apocalyptic with flooding, volcanoes, hurricanes, storm surges, and other stuff. This is going to take place, before, during and after the disaster hits.

    2: Fantasy: My girl raises and breeds dragons and your dude is a prince/knight that needs some for war.

    3: Business-Corporate Guy/ Biologist-Marine Biologist girl: Your character would be some business guy whose company is harming the forest or ocean in the town/city where our characters live and my character is the girl trying to stop him or protect the environment.

    4: Merman/Marine Biologist: Just as the title says

    5: Gold Rush: Now this takes a little bit of historical knowledge about the Alaskan Gold Rush. The year is 1896 and it is an Alaskan winter. My character is a prospector looking for gold with only her sled dogs as her companions. Your character can be either another rival prospector or the owner of an inn (many hotels and inns were opened in Alaska during the Gold Rush to provide a place to stay for prospectors).

    6: Vice President/Class President: My character is the hardass class President, and your character is the VP.

    *I will do fandoms, but I prefer if it's just the universe with us using OC's*
    Fandoms I enjoy include:
    Naruto, Vampire Knight, Avatar: TLA/LoK, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and others.

  2. The merman x marine biologist sounds rather interesting, but could you give me a better idea of where you want it to go?
  3. I would totally love doing a Harry Potter, or President/VP.
  4. Plot wise I'm really flexible as to what happens though I was thinking about some environmental issue like pollution in the ocean and maybe some of the marine life is disappearing so my character is out on the water doing research or we can have global warming making the water levels rise or something. I figured that the merman would go on land at times to help stop the people polluting the water. Maybe they meet because my character is diving or maybe she's drowning. Like I said I'm willing to change it around and if you have any ideas feel free to share!
  5. Awesome! I'm loving the dead pool icon btw
    if you have any ideas for either let me know!
  6. Sounds cool, I like the Harry Potter idea, or a murder mystery type. I'd like either an insane asylum or slasher RP.
  7. Having the biologist drowning sounds interesting. Would you prefer using character sheets or just describe as we go?
  8. Hmm I think murder mystery would be cool though I'm pretty fond of something Harry Potter if that's okay
  9. I like character sheets better but I don't mind doing description
  10. I'd go for Harry Potter, I'll Pm you a short bio with a picture etc. My question is when are we starting, I am hoping the beginning of first year.
  11. Okay, I can get you a character sheet ^^
  12. 1st year sounds great! :D Do you want to do like a third wizarding war?
  13. Okay ^^ I'll make one as well and I'll post it on your profile since I don't have PM yet
  14. Name: Nyyrikki 'Nyyr' Glyndwr

    Appearance: yonf4.jpg with a shiny black tail

    Personality: He is ignorant in the ways of humans, having rarely traveled near the ports and bays, always staying on the rocks and only at night. As such, he may seem arrogant when considering human emotions and behaviors. He loves learning new things about the world, and is often seen observing things he hasn't seen before.

    History: Nyyr was born to a noble family of merpeople, who have tried to get him married since he was old enough. He has rejected everyone's proposals, believing that he would be perfectly fine without a wife. As such, he left to 'find himself' and traveled to unknown waters.

    Sorry it's so short, but I think it would suffice for the moment. The rest can be revealed during the rp, I guess.
  15. Again, it's your plot, all I want to do is participate.
  16. Name: Richard Neverist

    Appearance:[​IMG] (Imagine this guy to be 13 or 14, and not wearing Griffindor colors.)

    Richard is a very outgoing person who keeps to himself. Most of his time is spent studying or reading. He isn't really pompous or mean, but shy and understanding. Richard is obviously really smart due to all of his reading. Richard, when it comes to people only has a handful of friends.

    History: TO BE MADE
  17. That's fine! :D I like his story :)

    Name: Mia Eastwood

    Personality: She's very intelligent and clever, and very outspoken. She doesn't hold anything back -- emotions, determination, her thoughts. Sometimes that can get her into trouble for she acts before she thinks. She also has a stubbornness that is unparalleled and she can get irritated when things don't go the way she plans. Still, despite that, she's always been a humble person who puts the things she loves first which also makes her protective over these things. When determined to do something she can lose herself in her work and research.

    History: Mia has always lived in her big coastal city. There's a huge boardwalk where she used to ride her bike and she used to go swimming all of the time. As she grew older, her love of the ocean continued and she began volunteering at the local aquarium. After a few years, she went off to college for marine sciences and soon after became a marine biologist working in her home city.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
  18. Name: Veronica (Ronnie) Reinier
    Personality: She's hot-headed and mischievous, most of her time is invested in quidditch. She uses her smarts and wits to get her out of trouble and she's really quite brave and always rises up to a challenge.

    History: To come later
  19. Alright, just tell me when the Rp thread is up and I'll post.
  20. Same with me ^^