I've got demons in my head, what about you?

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  1. Of course, all of my demons are from disgaea and personal probs. Occasionally from shin megami but who cares about those ones anymore? I don't even know how i ended up on this site, it just kind of happened. Anyway, hi to all of you. If you have questions about me i'm more than willing to answer.
  2. Hey! Ha. Lots of newbs today. So.... Um. I'm a newb too. so... uh... welcome, I guess? I'll be your bff? yeah... idk...
  3. Welcome to the madness xD enjoy your stay here.~
    Do not FEED THE BUNNIES!@.@

    Also.. What type of species are you?:)
  4. Hello there darner of demons. >:3 welcome to the community!
  5. @PureKor I am a human possessed by demons. Isn't that obvious?

    @Diana Also thank you for welcoming me in.

    @Morgaine Hayes I'm a horrible friend i guarantee you don't want that.
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  6. Welcome, person with demons.
    Hope you have a marvellous time, even if by accident.

    If you need anything, I'm happy to oblige.
    Signature banners are my thing.
  7. @Freyja I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the offer. It's been awhile since i did forum roleplays so right now i'm just slowly going to bring my head back into it. For now most of my roleplays are taking place on tumblr. I'd link but i'm not sure if that's allowed so i'm not gonna do that until prior permission is given.
  8. Oh god, Tumblr roleplays. hahaha At least you already know how to roleplay and nobody on this site is a douche about the quality of posts.
    As far as I know linking is alright unless you direct me towards some virus-site.
  9. Aw, I'll still be your friend. I attract problem people.