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    Hello all!! As you may have seen from the title above I have a few persistent ideas that have been gnawing at the very back of my brain for some time now, so please keep reading if your interested ^_^.
    Before I get into the ideas here's a little about myself.

    1. I prefer to play a female role, but I'm willing to play a male role if we double up (sort of a whole, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type of deal).
    2. I just started college which means things can get fairly hectic from time to time. I promise to let any of you future roleplay partners(hopefully!) out there know if I'm going to be gone for an extended period of time, or if I have a conflict coming up that I know will prevent me from posting.
    3. I'm fairly new to the roleplaying community,
    4. Please don't be afraid to PM to talk about plots. I'm a very friendly person(or at least I like to think I am), and I absolutely love bouncing ideas back and forth.

    Now into the good bits....

    These are just the basic premise of some of the ideas.

    When Tomorrow Comes-

    This inspired by the Assassin's Creed universe. The setting of it takes place in a futuristic world in which the company Abstergo has all but dominated the City of New Eden. But that is merely the city was merely the start of their ambitions. With a finger in almost every walk of life, and even the highest government officials eating out of the palms of their hands, the Templar's have ensured that the assassins' who remain do not interfere. After a failed rebellion of a small group of Assassin's against the Templar's, the remaining assassin descendants have been rounded up and placed in walled communities. Their lifestyle within these walled villages is humble and often filled with poverty; their soul purpose is to complete the task for which they had been created for. The communities rarely get to interact with one another, save for the times when they are allowed into the Center of Light(a small, enclosed area that acts as a sort of connecting point between the communities. Here they can gather and trade their specific goods, under the close watch of the Templars of course). However, the assassin's are not as submissive as they may seem. A rebellion rises in the hearts of the youths. A fire that their concrete prisons will not be unable to contain. A small group of youths from their respective communities gather in the shadows, as they ready to take up the weapons and skills of their forefathers. With the symbol of their dying culture painted proudly upon their backs, they are eager to show their captures that Nothing is earned, everything is permitted.

    The Unwilling Guardian Angel-

    For centuries, there have been humans who have been gifted with a special ability to see the demons that hide from the sight of normal humans. While these Seers,contain knowledge and sight into a world that has all but been lost to the humans, they have little way of protecting themselves from the darkness that they see. Often times their lives are cut painfully short at the jaws of a demon searching for power in the blood of it's victim. To protect these Seers, each are assigned an Azza( a fallen angel of blackened wings), to protect them. However, this arrangement does not merely benefit the Seer but the angel, as the title of guardian provides a chance for the angel to cleanse it's wings, and return to it's rightful place in the skies above.

    (I've got a few more plots in mind, so expect some an edit to this post in the near future ^_^)

    Random Pairings(Pairings that I don't really have a plot for, but would love to try)
    Best friend/Best friend(I kind of have a plot for this one)
    Kpop memberxKpop member(also kind of have a plot for)
    VampirexHuman(I do have a plot for this idea)
    And pretty much anything involving history, romance, fandoms, and superheros.

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy lives to read this post!! I hope to hear from you soon ^_^.

  2. hello. I have a few ideas for roleplays as well that I'd like to try but could you tell me the fandoms you are into first?
  3. If your still looking I would love to rp with you. I like the seer idea.
  4. I would love to rp best friends with you if your still looking.
  5. @Ryth My top two fandom's at the moment are the Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss universe, however I also really like the Fairy Tail, Wallflower, Attack on Titan, Ouran High School Host Club, and a few more that I can't seem to remember at the moment.

    @Zadok shadows Awesome, I'll send you a PM and we can start discussing the more intricate details with the plot.

    @Dark_prince I am still looking!! I'll PM you quickly.
  6. I would love to try out the Kpop idea with you ^^
  7. I would like to RP with you, how do we get started, I am very open to most of those ideas.
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