I've come to a rather unsettling conclusion about myself.

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  1. So you may or may not not my parents are out of town in Maui till the end of September and I'm just here with my sister. And here I am only two days in and I've begun to notice something about myself.

    I sleep better. My entire sleep schedule is more natural. I still stay up late but I'm actually tired when I do so and it's out of a sense of need not a sense of "If I don't go to sleep now I'll just feel like crap when I'm forced to wake up". I actually get hungry instead of just going through the motions with eating. I haven't played video games like I thought I would. It's a weird sense of peace.

    But at the same time I find myself annoyed with little things. I find myself wiping off smudges on the chrome on the sink. A general sense of cleanliness I don't normally display.

    So what I'm starting to wonder is that is my environment so damn stressful that without my parents I actually start to function like a regular person? It actually greatly disturbs me to think that having Mom home with her constant bitching and my Dad with all his cussing every time he dies in Call of Duty is screwing with me to the extent that it seems to be.

    So I'm not sure if I'm more stressed than I thought or if I'm just more laid back than usual...
  2. This is, of course, called leaving the nest. I loved leaving home and going to university because I got to make my own schedule. Spent years doing my own thing post-university. So this is probably less family dynamics and more you're getting into your own groove. And with that, you start needing to take care of your own responsibility--cooking for yourself, cleaning your own stuff, and doing your own bills.

    Actually, the hardest part is relearning to work under someone else'schedule. AKA, adjusting to married life. My wife and I are still trying figure that part out. She's a morning person, I'm not. Hilarity ensues.
  3. Raz is right....wait your dad plays CoD? >.> right. Anyways. I've always enjoyed being on my own, even when i lived under my parents roof. Granted yes I had to live by their rules etc etc and they'd call all the time when I was home for extended periods by myself, but I still managed. Now, on my own, its sorta nice to be 'queen' of the house and go by MY rules. Though I need some pointers on staying ontop of cleaning/laundry (wanna come over and help? XD j/k). Without parents around you get a little more sense of natural freedom (again you go by your rules/set schedule not someone else's)

    Also..Raz...now i'm envisioning an over zealous Harley trying to serve breakfast to a grumpy batman XD is this what you mean? (kidding) :p