I've been gone! D:

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  1. I know I disappeared for a while. If anyone even remembers me. xD But some stuff happened and I dropped the internet and roleplaying for a few months so I could get mah shit together.

    God I feel so awkward.

    ANYWAYS, what matters now is that I'm back! I'm sorry for leaving. ;~;

  2. Welcome back~! I did the same thing a while back, it happens. *Opens the palace doors*
  3. -curtsies- Why thank you, kind Knight. :P
  4. Welcome back, senpai! (`^`)>
  5. Welcome back ^^ If you are using the same avatar as when you left then I remember you x3 If not, then you're someone I don't remember but welcome back anyways xD
  6. Welcome Back to Iwaku.

    *Chains your leg to a Iwaku Chair*

    Just for good measure. ^__^
  7. Thank you all~

    And yus, same avvie. I think I remember you, redblood. owo

    -tugs at the chain- ... I am okay with this. xD
  8. Then I know who you are x3 hehehhehe *Evil stalkish laugh*
  9. ‚ÄčThat doesn't sound well for me. o.o
  10. You have nothing to worry about ^^ at least not while you're awake :3