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  1. This is an rp inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica. You don't have to have seen the anime or manga to play.​

    You, a young boy or girl have lived most of your life in peace in Mitakihara town. Strange things happen sometimes... unexplained mass suicides, murders, and even accidents that seem impossible to happen. Nobody knows why these things happen, but life carries on, and not much is thought of it. You, however, have a chance to find out. Be it fate, or an accident, you have been pulled into the life of a magi, and must live as one. Living as a magi is hard, and lonely, but, it can't be backed out of now. You made your wish, and this is the price.

    What did you wish for?

    The rp takes place in a world much like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, however, there are a few changes. Both genders can make a contract and become a magi, instead of a magical girl, and, must hunt down creatures called specters instead of witches. These specters are the condensed feelings of sorrow, rage, and despair that humans feel. A magi brings hope to humanity by destroying specters that cause more of these negative feelings. A magi can have any one wish, but in exchange for that wish, they must work to defeat the specters.

    --Vital Information--
    Vital information may change with time. Things that fall into this category are new things learned about being a magical girl, and other information pertaining to the characters of the rp.

    Gems are carried by magi, and provide them with their magical powers. When they run low on energy, they must me restored with grief shard magic. Magi are people who accept Kyuubey's contract and gain the power and responsibility to hunt down specters in exchange for their wish.

    Grief Shards/Specters/Dungeons:
    Grief shards are leftovers of specters, which are monsters made of condensed negative human feelings, and despair. Specters do not exist in the real world, and can only be seen by a Magi. Specters also own invisible dimensions called Dungeons, where a magi must travel to defeat a Specter. A specter may have it's own monsters in the dungeon, and traps to attack the Magi with. If a magi dies in a dungeon, they will likely never be seen again.

    This is an already established rp that needs up to three more characters. You may play as an already established magi if you wish. The thread is here if you are interested in making a character. Ask any question you need to. You might get an answer if it doesn't spoil the plot.​
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  2. I'm still looking for players!
  3. Still looking! You don't need any past knowledge of PMMM!
  4. We haven't gotten the players yet... so we're still looking!
  5. We really need some more players. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or check out our thread. It would be very easy to establish your character.
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