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  1. HI GUYS! Bye now.

    I know I haven't posted in ages, and inconsistently... Sorry... I've just not been into roleplaying lately.

    On Monday I leave to go to Texas for my Basic Military Training. I forgot to mention I'm joining the US Air Force... <3


    So hi guys, and soon, bye. x3
  2. Congrats on joining the Air Force. I'm close to doing the same myself.

    May I ask, how long did you have to wait before they sent you the ticket and orders for going to basic training?
  3. Well let me think. I'm going to bmt monday, march 12... Or at least, I'm going to processing and my bmt starts tuesday.

    Uhhh, I think I DEP'd in around the end of summer last year? Like Julyish?

    It depends on your area I guess. I had to go through a recruiter an hour away in California, and Air Force recruiters really have no problems making their quota; people always want to join air fore (it's the "easiest"), especially when the economy is le poop. I got in faster than more because I'm sneaky, and I nagged my recruiter. I got lucky and he cut me a deal so I got processed faster.

    When I got DEP'd in I was only in for like two or three months; most people stay much longer. You will be in the Delayed Entry Program for anywhere between 1-8 months, waiting for a job to drop. Jobs will only drop once a month, and you can't always have your pick. It really depends on the circumstances.

    I didn't wait long, since I'm going in open contract. I'll get my job at the end of bmt. I get to pick, but only from a list of general-aptitude jobs (jobs that you qualify for using the general aptitude area of the ASVAB).

    My recruiter is convinced I'll get a medical job since I can't lift jack shit. :I
  4. Well, hi and bye, soon, Wendu~ ^^
  5. Thank you very much for the information, and once again congrats~