It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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    It's that time Iwaku! The point where it's socialy acceptable to put up your tree and not be that person that jumps into the holiday early! The time where it's completely to sway blissfully along while seeing various carols and not be considered a raving drunk! That time where you can knock on a complete strangers door and wish them a merry christmas without having a shotgun pulled on you!

    But I digress!

    How do you get into the Holiday spirit Iwaku? Is there anything you've ever wanted to do for the season that you haven't? What's your most rewarding Memory as far as the season goes?
  2. I like to put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving. 8D That way I get to enjoy the glitter and the lights all month long.

    As for -haven't- done yet. I'm hoping this will be the year we can finally put up christmas lights on the house! We weren't able to afford BUYING lights the first two years living here (moving in to your first house comes with years of having to buy stuff. ><), so fingers crossed we can get some house lights up. >:]
  3. I intend to buy a hideously festive Christmas sweater from someplace like Target or Walmart and wear it frequently along with my Santa hat, as well as wear clothes that will only go with red lips and nails! Oh and glitter. I always enjoy sneaking glitter into my outfits and makeup when celebrating Christmas and new years!

    Hopefully this year we'll have a real tree before the 23rd...

    This is the first time in 8 years that there have been lights on my house ^_^

    I don't really have super rewarding memories... Just the usual ones involving oranges, thin mints, and covering the living room floor in torn bits of wrapping paper.
  4. Mostly for me its spending
    time with my family, talking
    on good times long past
    and having a lot of good food!