It's That Time Again

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  1. Hey everybody. I'm back again.

    Preferred pairings are FxF and MxF in that order, but if I like the plot enough I'll do MxM (I love BL as much as the next rotten fujoshi but most of my ocs are female so my bad in advanced). I RP exclusively with original characters in original universes and my ideas are all over the place. This time I'm specifically looking for something that's really violent, includes hardcore kinks (like guro) or both. Think thematically similar to movies like Ichi the Killer or Park Chan-wook's Vengeance trilogy.

    Settings/Pairings that I'm hankering for:
    Career criminals (hitmen, dope runners, kingpins, etc)
    Modern or slightly futuristic (with a dash of fantasy)
    Mechanical or mechanically enhanced people (cyborgs, androids)

    Of course, I'm willing to hear out any other ideas. I'm real flexible. Just be warned that if we start something I'm 100% guaranteed to draw silly art based on it and force you to look at it.