It's pumpkin time

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  1. Pumpkin products everywhere! What are your favorite pumpkin things :O Mmm pumpkin ~.~

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  2. Not a fan of pumpkin pie (Don't kill me), but I do enjoy those Oreos. I mean dang who doesen't like Oreos. They are GOAT
  3. Obviously pumpkin pie! The pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is yummy too! :D
  4. I kinda wanna kill you but you like oreos :D
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  5. Thank God for oreos. The last thing I would want is to be killed for is pumpkin pie.

    El oh el
  6. Haha, uh, I don't like oreos! XD
  7. don't like Oreos? Wut da hell
  8. I'll stab you with the pumpkin pie!
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  9. wut you dont like them? D:
  10. That's terrible! How could you stab someone with a food they dislike?! Honestly I haven't tasted pumpkin pie in years and the last time I tried it I was 15. So maybe I can get a liking to it now since that picture you posted looks quite delicious.

    *drops mic and walks off*
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  12. Freakin PSLs man! Tims asaCanuck preference but Starshmucks is good too

    Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin cheesecake!!
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  13. Well my work has this thing

    Vanilla icecream blended with a real slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.


    I win.
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  14. Too sugary lol
  15. Pumpkin pie spice has been the secret ingredient in my family's pancakes and waffles since before lattes made it popular.
  16. I would have angry strangulation sex with all of the avatars in this thread.

    Except Spammy.

    And me.

    Anyway, I like pumpkin cheesecake.
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  17. Don't fall for this trap, guys! This is clearly a veiled attempt at weeding out all of the Basic Bitches on Iwaku.

    Liking Pumpkins=Scarf wearing Washi Tape Enthusiasts Who Should Kill Themselves

    *Hides an entire loaf of pumpkin bread in her infinity scarf while she hangs herself with washi tape*
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  18. No dont do it D: -cuts the washi tape-
  19. Skeletor has the bone you need, Asmo.

    Ever heard of overcompensation, nyehh?
  20. I like Pumpkin pie. >:3 And cheesecake. O_O And really, just about pumpkin spice anything.