ITS ON NOW!!!!! (the ultimate freestyle rap battle returns!)



First up some ground rules!

First person comes in and lays it down freestyle.
Next person with the balls to face them down brings their game,

THEN ITS OOOOOOOOON! They continue until there is a winner. Other people may come in and back up their homies but they have to say who they're representing. This goes on until you punks let this thread die. YOU DOWN OR ARE YOU TOO MUCH OF A PUSSY, PUSSY!?


*Sheds his jacket displaying a black vest and the tatoos on his shoulders, tears his cap off and lets his long hair fall down his face replacing the cap on backwards pulling a large gold chain our of his pocket displaying a $ behind a stylized letter V before looping the chain over his head and kicking the stand out from under the mic and gripping it tightly, upside down*

First up a shout out to all those with the balls to show up to face me, have you admire your guts but they should be telling you to crawl on home.

*wait a second as the cheer track plays*

Whose gonna come on up here first?
I'm ready here fit to burst.
Getting warmed up gonna lay down.
Phat rhymes that will give the town.
A heart attack.
Its where its at.

None of you can beat me.
Speed you can't even see.
Flying by your weak shit.
Gotta take you to the pit.
Dump your ass.
Out on the grass.


The Murrstress
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Pffffft, go back to the playground you punk.

This is my turf. Time for Murrstress to enter the ring.

Look at you
look at you
you don't know what to do!
Go ahead and tremble while
it's your lyrics that disassemble

Your inane babbling is shit
You're just not fit
to wear that crown
you're the one going down

I walk in here
you fear
all bitches in here love me
so don't even try, man, see
see that I'm the one for victory

Put your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!
Cuz the mods don't wear underwear!
Put your hands in the air!
Like you just don't care!

A'ight, A'ight
boy- don't get uptight

How long you gonna stand there, DJ Vee?
Why you all up in a fuss, staring at me?
You're wobbling on your feet
you just got beat

Go ahead and fall to your knees,
the one who will be crowned is me


Yo yo, Julez
bringin' down these fools
But don' choo forget
Fluffy's on da set!

You want da crown?
You want da crown!?
Oh oh, fine
But the peeps are all mine!

It's true
all da boys
makin' all dat noise

The ladies
They can't keep their hands offa me
Don't ya see, don't ya see!?

TK, you ain't got nothin' on me
Go snuggle yo fox
and hide behind Octy

(( XD I love you, TK. With all my heart. <3 This was too fun. ))