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  1. Rosa sighed up at her ceiling as the alarm beeped at her to get out of bed. She didn't want to go to school. She rather disliked the place. Also she didn't finish her math homework last night. It wasn't her fault that she got caught up in watching TV. Okay so maybe it was her fault.

    "Ugh," she said as she got out of her bed. She dressed in jeans, a pair of beat up red sneakers and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. It was approaching fall and it was getting colder. She looked at her jackets and picked her black hoodie.

    She headed out of her bedroom to head to the kitchen, trying to figure out if she could copy her step-brother's homework. She looked at his bedroom next to her's before she headed downstairs.

    "Howdy household," she muttered as she entered the kitchen.

    (Rosa's appearance)
  2. Mike was sitting at the breakfast table he always tried to be up and ready before his step sister so he could get some hot water before his sister takes it all pushes his glasses smiling "Hello my little sister I took the oppitunity to fill you're plate with pancakes since I know you like them so much also I saw that you didn't finish your home work last night so I finished it while you slept.
    Mike yawned running his hand through his long black hair his blue eyes staring at his sister standing up he walks to the sink placing his dishes in the sink wearing a dark red shirt and black pants.
  3. Rosa scrunched up her nose at the words "little sister". They weren't that far apart in age, both sixteen currently, but he had always called her that.

    "We are only a few months apart Mike. I am not little." Still she grinned and sat down at the table. She looked at the pancakes. As she shoved a mouthful in, she watched her brother stand. She watched him as she chewed silently. She had this odd feeling in her stomach but she couldn't quite understand it. It had been happening lately.

    "This is why I love you." She laughed, eating more of her food. Most people might be weirded out by his actions, but Rosa had lived with Mike most of her life. She was use to it. "But thanks. I take it My dad and your mom are at work already?"
  4. Mike smiled "I know I think even if you were years older then me I would call you my little sister I just like being the protective older brother is that so bad Rosa?."

    Mike walked over to the table cleaning it knowing he is not very protective as he has never been in a fight before he often wondered how he would react if someone ever threatened Rosa in front of him he places the rubbish in the bin heading back to the sink to wash his hands.
  5. "No I guess not," Rosa said after thinking about it. She had always admire him as a child and she liked him being a protective older brother to her. It was nice. "But I'll only take being called little from you."

    Rosa tipped backwards in the chair. She had been meaning to ask Mike a question, but she couldn't get it out. "So you ready to head to school? Our friends are probably wondering where we are." She stood, gesturing towards the hallway that lead to the door. "Gentleman first."
  6. Mike nods walking to the hallway picking up his sports bag ducking his head he places the strap of his bag over his shoulder walking to the front door opening the door he waits for Rosa to join him for some reason he was feeling nervous he had felt his feelings for Rosa grow over the last few months he wondered what has brought this on pushing his glasses in again he leans against the door frame waiting.
  7. Rosa went into the hallway, cramming a notebook from one of the tables into her backpack before sling it over her shoulders. She gave her step-brother a smile. That feeling was still there, settled into the bottom of her stomach but she ignored it.

    "So are you ready for Mr. Aspen's test today for History?" She looked at the sky as she chatted. It was going to be nice day. For that she was happy. "I think I might be able to pass." Rosa sighed. "If I don't get at least a B, dad's going to flip on me."
  8. He sighed pushing his glasses in again feeling them slide down the bridge of his nose looking at his step sister as they walked along a footpath.
    "Hmm I don't know history has never been a strong point of mine I should of proberly studied more but I guess it can not be helped."

    Mike ran his fingers through his black hair looking at the road as cars drive past "father only wants the best for you Rosa he wants you to when the time comes get into a good collage."
  9. "I don't even know if I want to go to college," Rosa said. She bit her lip. She hadn't thought much about college, but her dad and step-mom seemed to have started asking them both about their plans. Rosa wasn't sure what she'd do with her life.

    "Where do you plan on going? Do you know yet?"
  10. Mike took a deep breath rubbing the back of his head thinking about the question I don't really know I would like to be somewhere I can help people maybe a nurse or a doctor if I can keep my grades up maybe I could be a lawyer help those who need one and can't afford the high prices of most lawyers.
    mike kicked a stone as they come to the entrance of the school yard our friends waiting just inside talking amongst themselves.
  11. Rosa turned to face her step-brother and gave him a warm smile.

    "I think you can do it Mike. You're smart and hardworking. And I'll be sure to help you out if you need me. Not that I'm sure what I could do." She laughed. She spotted her own friends. She gave Mike a quick hug.

    "We'll figure it out. I'm sure." Saying that she entered the school building.
  12. Mike smiled as Rosa hugged him he gave her a hug back rubbing her back softly before walking shyly towards his friends shyly waving at his step sisters friends before heading to his group of friends slapping of hands and the friends bagging me because I hugged Rosa shaking his head he walked off with his friends taking one more look back at his step sister.
  13. Rosa looked in the direction of Mike. She stopped when she saw the look on her friends faces.


    A few of them giggled and Rosa felt like shoving them. Her face got a bit warmer. "You guys are gross."

    "Oh come on Rosa. I think your and your brother's relationship is sweet." They laughed again and Rosa felt a little better about it. They really didn't think anything was happening with them. After all most people had forgotten that they weren't step-siblings.

    "Let's just go to homeroom."
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