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    Skylar Long Dao Giang, Sky for short, was a half-Vietnamese, half-American man, at the age of twenty-one, who attended to a college that was most well known for it's Forensic Science studies. His dreamed was to become the best detective there ever was. The progress he had done was beyond amazing, but the one little thing he can barely keep as a secret was that... he wasn't completely human.

    His father was, indeed, a human being, but his mother... she was something that was nearly indescribable. Though, she wore a beautiful mask, her true colors were just... horribly terrifying. But she was so deeply in love with his father that she had tried her very best to hide her true nature. They had lived, for quite some time, happy together. Until, that was... the night where she had lost it for the lack of feasting she did ever since she got married and had her beautiful child. Her husband was utterly shock and couldn't believe such a petite young woman was truly this creature. But what snapped him out of his dazed state was when he heard his beloved wife sobbing from showing her horrifying self to him and their child. He was ready to step up and comfort her, but only to receiced a screech as she back away, yelling, "Stay away from me! Come any closer and I'll attack you!"

    He didn't believe what she had said at all and kept trying to approach her as she kept trying to back away. She was sobbing from pain and misery, her hungry was growing rapidly as she was the brink of completly going insane. But she knew better than anyone else that, the only way to stop her was... to kill her.

    Her cries grew louder and louder as she had ran to the kitchen to get one of the kitchen knives, however, her husband followed her. When he caught on what she had planned, it was far too late for him to stop her. She had pierce the sharpen blade through her heart, at least, five times, since such impact doesn't effect her during the first couple of tries. He watched with such widen eyes, tears at the corner, filling up then falling down his cheeks. He had just watched his own wife kill herself and did nothing to save her. In the background, as his wife had fallen flat on the kitchen floor, he heard his child shedding his own tears as if he knew what had just happen.

    "Elana..." he muttered in such a sorrow tone thathe couldn't bring himself to go to his now dead wife. Instead, he head back to the living room where the child crying was. He was in his little baby carrier where he was suppose to be asleep. But now, looks like neither are going to be able to. Picking up his child, he held him close and tried his best from keeping him bawling anymore, as if he's doing any better himself.

    "Shh, shh... It's okay, Sky... It'll be okay... Mommy is in a better place now... I hope..." he said, voice cracking as he spoke, the tears endlessly falling down his face. "Daddy's going to take good care of you, Kiddo... I promise."

    "Skylar Long Dao Giang!" a voice had yelled, pulling the young man back to the present state. He hardly even noticed he was day dreaming anf remembering his past. He blinked rather confusingly as he looked up from his seat to see a rather pissed off History Professor.

    "Oh, hey, Professor," Skylar said, nonchalantly then covered his mouth to yawn. "Is class over or what?"

    This obviously ticked the teacher off more when he said that. "That kind of attitude does not belong in this class! This is your last warning! Dao Giang! If you continue this behavior, I'm kicking you out! You hear me!" he scolded then turned to the rest of the class. "Same goes to all of you!" he pointed at every single of them before going back his original position and resumed his lesson.

    Skylar snorted then started to copy some notes that looked important. He glanced over at the student next to him and huffed. "If you want to say something, say it now and get it over with," he grumbled, knowing the other would say something from his previous action.
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    The professors outburst had surprised Haru enough to disrupt his absent minded note taking. Not much did that, he was a fairly dedicated student most of the time but there were days that just like everyone else his mind wondered onto other things. He tried not to let it happen too much, not because he feared missing anything in class but because what his mind wandered to. He had come to this place to live normally without his family messing up his chances of doing anything worth while with his life. You see, his parents and his siblings had all chosen to stick with the 'family business' but Haru had no taste for it. Ever since he was born he had been exposed to all sorts of things that would probably scar any normal person for life. Not him though, it was just normal, everyday life for him. His earliest memory was of the slaying of a hideous creature that had been discovered in his home town on his third birthday. It had been a mess of blood and mayhem that still made him sick. All the slayings he had experienced made him sick, but he wasn't afraid of them.

    Haru had grown up in a remote mountain town in Japan, but he had been all over the world with his parents while they splayed these creatures. He had been educated on their identification and distraction to great length in hopes to add him to the list of family slayers. However, the more he heard the less he wanted to take part. As far as he was concerned, killing was killing and that was wrong no matter what. Humans were mores civilised than that, they were above illuminating the threat, or at least that's what Haru liked to believe.

    Though, that didn't mean Haru had a good relationship with the creatures that dwelled unseen on earth. They still saw him as part of a slayers clan and therefore something to be destroyed before it gets to strong, and Haru could never get past the preposition of anger he felt towards them after what they had done to his family.

    He had been seven when it happened. He and his older by six minutes brother had snuck outside after being grounded to play. It was what children did after all. It wasn't like they hadn't done it a thousand times either. The boys had wandered into the woods surrounding the small town like they always did and had played like it was in children's nature to do. It had been innocent and carefree. Haru's brother Eiji had been the only one who ever agreed with his dislike of slaying creatures so they usually went into their own world together, away from what their family usually did on a day to day basis. They were each other's support and always had been.

    That night they snuck out wad quiet. It was peaceful between just the two of them. Yet, they hadn't been alone. No, that thing had come out of nowhere and attacked. There had been so much blood and screaming and intense pain, then after it all, no more Eiji...

    Haru shook the thoughts out of his head, feeling his emotions getting the better of him and being knocked out of his thoughts by the professors yell.

    He turned and watched the person in the seat next to him talk back to the professor with vague curiosity. Haru hadn't really interacted with the class very much so he really had no idea who this guy was.

    "If you want to say something, say it now and get it over with," the other grumbled at him. Haru felt instantly embarrassed for having stared at his classmate for so long.

    He chuckled lightly. "Sorry, I was just thinking that if you aren't feeling very concentrated today you could borrow my notes. I zone out too sometimes and it's a pain if you miss something." He offered, hoping to make a good first impression.
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