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    How do you feel when the person you love talks/play flirts with other people?

    Does it make you see red? Or is it water off a ducks back?


  2. Red, I get mad alot but eventually let it go after a while. >.>
  3. Meh.
    If I love em, I don't really look too much into it.
    Cuz I hang out with guys often, and usually that made my past boyfriends jealous for no reasons but that I hung out with guys. ._.'
    Hey. No girls understood me at my age, really. ~ They didn't play Resident Evil or Super Smash. D; </3

    But, with that being said, I've been cheated on multiple times and have stayed with those people.
    Maybe it'd be better if I got jealous and left?
    I'm not sure. o xo' I'm a bit too naive to get jealous.
  4. Didn't you use this thread title before?
  5. When it comes to my boyfriend/husband -- not a problem. XD I am a VERY secure person in my relationship. I don't feel like I need to be jealous of him talking to or playing with other people. He chose ME and I know he's not an asshole.

    ....I DO get jealous when my favorite roleplay partners are playing with someone else when I wanna play with them, though. O___O I'm not sure why! I just huff a bunch.
  6. Talking to other people, nah. Have female friends and all that.
    The only time I get kind of jealous is if they're spending, like, all their time with someone they admitted to having feelings for at one point or are flirting a lot with.