It's Maaaari!

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  1. Why do I always do this? I come in, make a "new member" post, tell my story, and then I feel like I'm always constantly disappearing.

    Alright, whatever, here goes again. I see the place is livelier this time around, which I'm excited about.

    I'm Mari, an absurdly old follower of Diana. By absurdly old it means that I was Mousey on the old Moonwings (when I was about ten years old) and even dabbled in SMU before. Why was I on the Internet so young? Oh well.

    I'm kind of appalled to say that I turn twenty this year. It's a weird feeling considering I spoke to most of the old Moonwingers when I was legitimately ten years old if not younger.

    Anyway, I already recognized a few names but mostly everyone seems fairly new so introducing myself can't hurt.
  2. Ah, welcome back then, I suppose.
    I'm not sure if it has become livelier since I am an new to this site myself, but it is rather friendly.

    Don't feel weird about that. You have good history with them, or well that is what I assume.
    Anyways, again, welcome.
    I'm Merrick but please feel free to refer to me as you wish.
    I hope we become friends. :D
  3. Well its good to see your back on this site
    *dose pokemon battle pose*
    Wellcome back :P
  4. *squints eyes*

    You're still a kid, but glad to see you've found us all again.

  5. Oh my god, you're 20 years old.

    ....gods I feel old. x____x
  6. What? WHAT? WHAAAAAT?
  7. Hahahaha, you just made sweet Diana feel old.
    I'm sure you'll find your way around, since most things are pretty self-explanatory, but if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
    I'm Kitti, by the way, it's good to meet you!
    Heh, I might take to calling you Mousey. That's cute.
  8. I second calling you Mousey. Hi! I'm Ozzie. I'm fairly new, but I know my way around, so feel free to PM me. Glad you managed to reconnect with old internet friends!
  9. Indeed I am still a kid. But 20 compared to 10 years old is a huge difference. I think.

    Dia, don't feel old. X_x Anyone would feel old ten years later. I feel old.
  10. Mariiiiiiii why do you keep leaving and only saying hi and then leaving again on me. x_x
  11. Hi Mari. Good to see you again. Hope you adjust well here.
  12. I apologize. I always say that "I won't leave this time" but that's proven false so far. BUT HERE'S HOPING.

    It's because I don't roleplay anymore so essentially I'm only here to love you all again and offer moral support.
  13. I don't know you, we've never met. But if you like chickens then we shall have no problems XD Welcome (back)
  14. If you haven't noticed I've never roleplayed and I don't know why I hang around. Other than to love people and offer moral support.

    <-Stephanie, if you haven't noticed the usertitle
  15. I never noticed. :(


    Just kidding, communicating with strangers is all I do.
  16. Didn't notice me. I'm hurt and offended and hurt.

    Double hurt. :I
  17. Don't, I could never forget you. I have too many Naked Chat documents featuring you.