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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Elidy.

    You can call me Eli, Elly, whatever you like as long as it's not rude. :)

    I'm 22 years old and live in the US. I've been at this roleplaying thing for about ten years now, off and on. I actually just came from another site which is shutting down. </3 Very sad day, but life goes on! I hope to meet many new friends and make this place a more permanent home and haven.

    A little about me:
    I enjoy many kinds of rp, from dark, magical and fantasy to more modern, realistic and Futuristic roleplays. Any good story has a good plot and well developed characters. I live to create living, breathing models during a story. I really enjoy romantic rp, especially when it doesn't just start out all fluff and butterflies... I like to have a struggle at first, have the characters butt heads for a while, maybe not like each other... I am always open to ideas as well, so don't hesitate to ask. I'll listen.

    On my spare time, I like to draw, write and sometimes play on xbox. But who has spare time anymore? Lol I have a very busy rl, between work and parenting, I need a daily escape.

    So if you want to know anymore, please just ask! Interested in roleplay? Send me a PM! :)
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  2. hello Eli my name is Bucky. Sorry to hear about your prior website I shall shed a tear for you just this once *sniffles*. Today is a new day though. Iwaku is ready to receive you and throw you right back into that rp life you crave. Ten years is a long time by the way. I think your whats called a vet. I'm not as experienced as you but i'm really detailed and i bring life to characters.I'm a musician so emotion and feeling is what i do. Iwaku can be a lil tricky to navigate if you need help there is a forum or you can just ask anyone. Everyone here is so friendly. I really do look forward to doing a romance with like them to start off with adversity. That adds depth and just saying that lets me know you breath life into your characters. alright my fingers are tired now so ..........FIN
  3. Thank you, Bucky. I look forward to getting started also. And I'd be glad to roleplay with you. :) Send me a pm, let me know what you like. I also have a request thread up.
  4. i'll check your thread out.....yay now im not bored anymore hahaha
  5. I like your avatar, but you play XBox, ewwwwww! Nah, but welcome to the site Elly! It seems you fancy romance role-plays, so allow me to direct you to the romance section. Hope you find something that interests you!
  6. I know I've said it already, Eli, but here is a formal welcome!

    Hope to see you around, it's really too bad about the other forum, but I know you'll fit in just fine!

    Happy Rp'ing!
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