It's in the Small Things

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  1. Savannah is a first grader. She has sandy blonde hair and deep, knowing green eyes. Just like many other first graders, Savannah is enrolled in the district's elementary summer school program- something I just so happen to be helping with again this year. Today marked week two of summer school, and I have the privilege of working with her individually again this week.

    There's something different about Savannah. She comes to school in a wheelchair, from an assisted living home. She is completely nonverbal, and has to wear braces on her torso and legs due to scoliosis and muscular dystrophy. Because she has muscular dystrophy, she has a very hard time swallowing, keeping her head upright and moving her muscles individually. She is fed by tube.

    I've been working with children like Savannah for going on six years. She is only one of many children disabled at birth, with deadbeat parents that want nothing to do with her. They view her not as a human, but a thing. And I can tell you right now, she is more human that they will ever be.

    When I take her on walks around the school in her wheelchair, people part ways and stare at her. The differences she faces from physically sound children are obvious, but there's something else that makes up for all the "disabilities" she has. Something that a lot of people forget.

    When Savannah smiles, it's contagious. Everyone else smiles with her. Today, we were in the nurse's office preparing to feed her, and the nurse grabbed her nose and wiggled it around, something she does every day. Savannah smiled, and, with obvious exertion, she lifted her arm up and managed to touch the nurse's nose with the back of her hand.

    Never before have I seen Savannah respond to external stimulus like she had. Everyone was shocked, as she has never been able to deliberately move her muscles in such a fashion. The nurse actually started crying, because she was so happy.

    People are constantly striving to be the best at something because our society demands that we be "winners" all the time. We have to be good looking people with strong talents; second place is never an option. But guess what?

    You don't have to be the best writer, the best artist, or the best person to make others happy. You don't have to be thin, or rich, or successful. Hell, Savannah couldn't even talk! You are not a lesser person because you can't do things others can. You are not a lesser person because you have a mental disability, or you get average grades.

    If you want others to like you, be yourself, and put in some effort. It doesn't take much to make someone's day... or to save someone's life. It's the small things you do that will impact people's lives more than Olympic champions and Superstars ever could.
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