It's Halloween Time

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  1. One of the biggest holidays for a group of imaginative people is Halloween. It is a time of make believe and pretend, a time to fathom our mortality, and a time to celebrate. It is also a very popular theme to use in creative endeavors here on Iwaku.

    Celebrate Halloween on Iwaku by posting links to your halloween threads here, RPs, art, even General conversation. Let everyone know about your Halloween fun, and let's all get spooky!
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  2. charps! 8D


  3. Ahhh yes. Halloween. That wonderful time of year where an old tradition kicks in. Where we change our names and avatars and masquerade around the forums as characters from shows, monsters, etc.

    And my oh my does it make Diana foam at the mouth when all the names suddenly changed!
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    So this is a pretty silly thing I decided to do for Halloween. I decided to have some fun with the idea of stereotypical horror characters, and see what people could come up with in a situation where the characters are faced with a foe that has turned most of them into bumbling giggling fools, turning their land from grim and magnificently dark and destitute to freaking alice in wonderland happy go lucky colourful. Any takers?
    The setting:

    A storm grows ever nearer, the winds picking up as thunder rolls and the clouds gather in a thick blanket of black and grey, filling the skies with their daunting presence. Lightning splits the black as the skies open up and heavy rain pours down upon the barren wasteland that surrounds Isolrah Estate. Long since abandoned, the estate is said to be the home of goblins, ghouls, ghosts and endless other horrors from all corners of the globe. Lights flicker as a warning to any who might think of entering the looming building, the structure groaning significantly in the wind. But is it the building? Or is it the occupants of the house? The large door shudders as the wind slams against it, making the locks protest in defiance. The door remains shut, and the windows rattle in their frames. The gusts find their way to the chimney and sweep down the shaft, making the fire in the hearth dance wildly to escape the cool drops of water that come with them. In the echoing of the storm, a voice can be heard floating down the halls. ‘Has anyone seen my brain? It’s escaped again!’