it's Halloween season!

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    Let's talk about halloween! Do you like halloween? Do you dress up? Why or why not?

    Who likes scary movies or scary sleepover games? Give me recommendations!

    Omg show me your halloween creations! Decorations, make up, cakes, costumes etc 8)

    I personally LOVE halloween. I always go to parties and dress up. Last year I went as Harvey Dent, I haven't decided who I want to be this year. I adore scary movies and being scared. I always recommend "As Above, So Below." If you really want to feel scared/uncomfortable. Otherwise, I love funny halloween movies, like "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil." :D​
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  2. Scary movie fest!

    Netflix is a great source of halloween awesomeness.

    Dressing up is fun, but I haven't had the opportunity for a while. maybe this year.......
  3. *Stays inside like a lame rotting pumpkinhead*
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  4. I can't handle scary movies. =___= We do watch a couple "Diana Safe" movies every year though. Usually Hocus Pocus, cause it's our fav.

    Every year we dress up and go to the Downtown Trick or Treat. 8D

    I make CHILL-e or GHOULash every year too. >:D Cause I am a huge dork.

    And then the guys turn out yard in to a spooky hell and terrorize trick or treaters.

    Halloween is our jam. =_=
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  5. I like Halloween! I don't participate in it myself in costuming or cosplay, I guess because I did not grow up that way and can't see myself doing so. But I like seeing others, especially children, dressing up and enjoying themselves on Halloween.
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  6. I absolutely love Halloween. I recently went to Universal Studios for their Horror Nights with my sister and it was awesome. I'd like to decorate my home and workplace more but I can only do so much this year. Which makes me sad. I always get giddy just thinking about Halloween. I try to do something every year, whether is be going to a party or going out of town to a theme park. My area is really lame when it comes to decorations on the outside of homes and such. My area is mostly elderly in country clubs so they rarely decorate and the poor little kiddies will be lucky enough to get a decent route going for trick or treating.

    I typically can't handle scary movies, though. I'm a huge sissy when it comes to that shit.

    Not gonna lie though.. Hocus Pocus is my SHIT.

    BTW That gif in the beginning... PERFECT.
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  7. I... don't really do much on All Hallow's Eve. Mainly just sitting around at home with courtains closed and lights off, trying not to get noticed by trick-or-treaters.
  8. I have no friends so I don't go to Halloween parties lol
    and I live in an adults-only apartment, so I can't even hand out candy to kids :( Usually I go to my parents' house and hang out with my mom to give out candy, drink wine and watch bad movies, but this year she's out of town, so

    It's just gonna be my roommate and I drinking wine and watching bad movies instead. Could be worse

    I'm working on Halloween this year tho so I at least have an excuse to dress up! We get kids at the hospital and the residents like it when the staff dress up so it's fun. I just can't be anything super creepy because it scares some of our residents with dementia.
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  9. I watch sports and hand out candy at the door on the day of. It's always endearing to see some little kid dressed up as Robin, and their dad is Batman right behind them. I kinda look forward to halloween just for the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing all these happy families with cute kids and fun costumes at my doorstep, and to that end it's one of my favorite days of the year.

    Halloween isn't in your face during September. It has a specific time and is fun for everyone during that time. I love it. It's the best.

    As for movies, I like my monsters when they're not scary. I, Frankenstein is a fun and confusing romp about the titular Frankenstein's Monster accidentally entering a war between demons and gargoyles in the middle of urban London as a neutral third party. Pacific Rim, Men in Black (both the movie and the cartoon) and the newest Godzilla get recommendations too.
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  10. I've loved Halloween ever since I was a youngling. I think the "theme" I stuck to most was Star Wars... C3PO, Darth Vader, and stormtrooper costumes come to mind.

    My first job, we had a Halloween lunch event where everyone in the office would enjoy lunch in costumes. Lately I've relegated myself to simply handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, but would still be in a costume. Last year's episode had me as Darth Maul, and with my busy life this year I'm probably being Lord Maul again later this month.

    And kind of in the spirit of the season, this month I already went out into the Tokyo streets donning samurai armor.
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  11. Ah, the month where I have to get off my lazy ass and give the kiddies candy. This is probably my least favorite job in the world, or is doing the dishes... The world may never know!
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