It's Christmas so I have a lot more free time.

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  1. Back in my old RP website, we had a large skype group that still goes on today, and i'll drop whenever I have free time to joke and poop and joke. I love meeting new people though, and felt what with my winter assessments that I didn't get the chance to meet all you lovely peeps, so i'm curious if Iwaku has something similar. :D
  2. Don't invite him. He never leaves and smell of old tar and regret.
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  3. I know there's a chat room....or maybe two. Not sure about the Skype though.
  4. I'll tell you my WWII stories over and over and complain about those mexican ermergernts.
  5. There are skype chats going on all the time. O__O Then there are the actually chat rooms.

    I only go to the actual chat rooms most of the time because people are scary. ;___;
  6. ??? I never have any time during Christmas o.O Everyone wants to meet me all the time (like family and friends who doesn't live in town and wants to see me before they go back home) and I get sooo exhausted if I spend more than a few hours around other people T-T I'M NOT A SOCIAL ANIMAL. STOP TALKING TO ME!!! *Hides from humanity*

    As for a big iwaku skype group, you'll probably have to create one on your own. There has been a few with a certain purpose (like the current roast group, and the horror group), but just a general chat thing hasn't been announced in a while. I think there was something like that a few years ago, but I never jumped on that train.
  7. Lol'd
  8. Psh. You're part of the roast skype group, you don't seem too scared there.
  9. Can you spare me some free time? My boss thinks I can do without =(
  10. OH HEY SCRIBZ YOU'RE BACK. I SWEAR I HAVEN'T BEEN DOING ANY NOT-FOCUSING. Ah, screw it, guess I'd better prepare myself for the customary lecture on not wasting my life and/or masturbating until my hands bleed