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  1. I'm going to miss a lot of ya'll, but I am leaving. Take care, lovelies <3
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  2. Bye Bea. D:

    You will be missed around here. :(
  3. I'll miss you, Trixxie. :(

    You know how to find me if you need to.
  4. I'll miss you, lovely :(
  5. Aww Bea! I will miss you a lot! <3
  6. Good luck, Beats!
  7. Farewell, dearest Bea! May the voyage from us treat you with no ill :)
  8. Bea no!!! I'll miss you so much!!! :'(
  9. May the wind be ever in your sails, Beatrix!

    Best of luck wherever you decide to go.
  10. :( -sniffles- I will miss you, Bea. <3
  11. I didn't know you, but I wish you luck in your journeys anyways. Goodbye.

    Perhaps, our paths will cross again someday.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.