It's Been a WHILE

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It's been so long, I'm pretty sure no one knows who I am anymore, so here I am to say hello. :D

I'm Kami-smoothie, nice to meet everyone. :] I am old, I have been resurrected from the ashes of MoonWings, and I look forward to chatting and roleplaying with you all. :D

Give me loooove. <3
I should honestly remember you from Moonwings -__-; Unless you had a name change. ANYWAYS~ Welcome back, I'm Zypher your friendly RP global and if you're looking for any fun RPs to join or need any help with anything just shoot me a message and I'll be sure to help you!
Nice to meet you! I was never on moonwings so I have an excuse for not knowing who you are... Love your avatar though!
Welcome back from teh Dead, Kami! >:D
hello and welcome back to the Iwaku got some other questions ask.
Hey hey! No wolf-sex is encouraged on THIS forum, welcome to Iwaku.


*Brandishes a 2X4 with nails driven through it and wrapped in barbed wire.*


Oh, welcome to Iwaku.
Ello. You probably don't know me. I'm Mabushii Kage, or TheNeverThere, or Mabu, or TNT, depeding on who you talk to. Nice to meet you.
Welcome to the Iwaku!:3
*gives cupcake*
YO KAMI! ...Damn, we're old.

Also, get Diana off my back about joining RPGs-- I'll do that mess on my own time, she knows I'm cbox.
hey what the hell am I talking about I remember you *nibbles ear* ^^
I Kinda remember you so it couldn't have been THAT long ago. Ok fine I'm kinda old >_> <_< >_>