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  1. First things first... I don't have a ton of time on my hands these days, so I'm going to ballpark my post frequency around a few times per week. Could be more, could be less. I don't know. Real life has priority, as much as I want to scratch this itch.

    I'm looking for something in the area of a modern or even post-modern realistic setting. The plot... Well, I love a multi-faceted plot. Adventure, hilarity, tension between characters, hurt, romance, action, adult themes (drugs, violence, sex, swearing), some darkness. I'm up for discussing details.

    There's this sort of specific idea that I have in mind...

    Your character (I'm fairly open to male or female, but prefer female) has a very humble life. Their dad didn't even stick around to be a prominent figure in your character's life, so they were raised by their mother. Unfortunately, she didn't have a lot to offer in the way of financial support and their whole life has thus far been a struggle to make ends meet and live with having a whole lot of nothing.

    Come to find out, your character's father is a billionaire. Ridiculously wealthy. Your character has either never met him or they met him only once or twice when he made a half-assed attempt to help out with things, only to be turned away by your character or their mother.

    Then he died. Nearly everything, from his money to his house to his business (lord knows what his business actually is), was left to your character. Oh, and everything includes his personal staff.

    Your character is then contacted by an attorney or maybe even a member of their father's personal staff, telling them about the news of dear old absent dad's passing and the bequeath of EVERYTHING to their one and only offspring.

    That's where this guy comes in...


    Name: William Blackwater

    Nicknames: Will, The Magician

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31

    Occupation: Personal Assistant to eccentric billionaire Arthur Livingston (Widely diverse duties both legal and ‘grey area’)

    Birthplace: Boulder, Colorado, USA

    Race: Human

    Sexual Preference: Heterosexual (Depends on the RP, willing to consider)

    Appearance/Notable Features: About 6' tall, athletic figure, short well-groomed black hair, piercing blue eyes, always dresses in designer suits, occasionally wears a fedora.

    Other Information:
    • Will has an incredible reputation for being Arthur Livingston’s right-hand-man and though he is well known for being diverse in his capabilities, Will’s gift of gab shines particularly bright. His expertise lies in negotiation and misdirection. Even his own associates will say that it’s often difficult to tell whether Will is being sincere or he’s in ‘business-mode’. It is widely whispered that he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, but if Will caught wind of the rumor, he’d dismiss it as being stupid because no one in their right mind would actually eat a ketchup popsicle.
    • Most humor escapes this man, or so it seems. Will is most often serious and to the point, unless it’s necessary to beat around the bush in order to conduct business. But it can’t be said that he has no grasp of humor, as his is wry (almost painfully so at times), it just doesn’t come out a lot.
    • There is never a social occasion or business meeting that does not include Will having a drink in his hand. He’s not seen eating very often, but everyone who’s spent more than an evening with him talking over a drink knows that Will thoroughly enjoys good alcohol. Often. No one has ever seen him drunk, though, or if they have, they’d take that secret to the grave. He’s seemed to master the art of pacing oneself when drinking, possibly to avoid tarnishing his reputation. Or maybe his tolerance is stellar from years of imbibing.
    • The nickname ‘The Magician’ comes from Will’s penchant for practicing and performing magic tricks, especially those involving coins. He’s has a soft spot for amateur magic since he was a kid and is a huge (albeit secret) nerd when it comes to magical stories such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.
    • Will is most often dismissed as being cold, emotionless, a robot, etc. His background and the kind of business that he conducts for Arthur Livingston has not provided opportunity to socialize on a personal level or, more aptly, the way normal people socialize. Also, in his line of work, it is not wise to be emotional, become attached to people, form bonds outside of his employer and close associates, or be too open and let people get to know him. In Will’s experience, that’s what causes people to die, negotiations and contracts to get fucked up, and creates some of the biggest disappointments that life has to offer. Thus, he has adjusted accordingly to the career of his choice, which he believes he is cut out to do. Coincidentally, this detached demeanor improves his reputation; people do not approach him with frivolous bullshit that could waste his time, people generally fear him despite Will not posing much of a physical threat, and people tend to get the hell out of his way.
    Reason for Living: Unknown

    Greatest Fear: Failure

    Most Secret Dream: Unknown

    Useless Skill(s): Is exceptionally good at magic tricks involving coins, knows more than enough about basketball to coach a professional team, knows a hell of a lot about cars. However, Will would argue that all of these are very valuable skills.

    Favorite Food: Any alcohol (preferably high-end; scotch, bourbon, gin, and other ‘gentleman’ drinks), hamburgers of all kinds, apples.
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  2. I would love to do this rp with you, the plot is fascinating and would love to investigate it further XD

  3. Love your style and your detail. I could write with you. PM me if you are looking for awesome.
  4. I would love to do this if you're still looking!
  5. I'm super interested and would love to write with you!
  6. Updates to the post, still have slots open for RP.
  7. I would like to rp with you