It's been a long time...the epilogue

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  1. I went on a two year or so sabbatical...double sabbatical? How's life in these cyber parts?

    A little personal information. Resident and now reawoken lazy, glasses-wearing yaoi mistress and trap/reverse trap/androgyny enthusiast at your service and ready to fangirl/make tea and soda bread/clean.

    I over use elispses, underuse fullstops when not careful and type alot of instantly forgotten nosensical ramblings when I foolishly carry on into the late hours of the early morning for the sheer masochism.
  2. o.o Well hi there! I wear glasses and I obsess over yaoi, so sounds like we'll be good friends. <3 I'm Fluffy, also at your service.
  3. Queue twillight zone music. Back in 0...7 it was all foot cults and change. Yay slowly feminizing population.

    Can we both be at each other's service? Should we have a service off?
  4. HI. AGAIN! -run off snickering-
  5. I blew up the Z-cult. Because...They were worshiping false idols.

    Welcome back to the forum. Make sure you kidnap Zypher. It'll led to lulzie results.
  6. Why am I being kidn...oh the yaoi thing! GOT IT! Hi I'm Zypher (disguised as Ai Kago for Hallowe'en festivities) the resident homo~ It's a pleasure to meet you. If you have any questions just shoot me a message and I'll help as soon as I can~
  7. Yes, that's exactly why you're being kidnapped. It's hours of lulz, mostly for me.

    *storms out*
  9. Hey welcome back though I don't remember you, well you got some other questions just ask might be able to help.
  10. Still the same gooey center of warmth. In due course I shall begin culting, Zypher chasing and dare I say it - I shan't...if I say it it'll never happen. That thing what you do on these forums >_> <_<

    It's all about the Z-Cult. Guess I'll have to find an alternative and re-wage WAR bawhawhawhaww...

    Last time round I was known as Beyond.
  11. Overuse ellipses?

    Welcome brother.
  12. WHO ARE'YE???
    WHO ARE'YE???
    WHO ARE'YE???
    WHO ARE'YE???
    WHO ARE'YE???
    WHO ARE'YE???

    Beyond[somethingsomething]..yes'm, that rings a bell. Welcome back.