It's all just a game

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  1. Jeremy is a guy who is just looking for a good time, really. He finds a girl on the internet and starts to chat with her.

    Sarah is a girl who has been through a lot, and now she has decided to commit suicide. She meets Jeremy on the internet, and she feels like he understands her.

    Jeremy gets to know Sarah, she shares things that she has been through, leading to the point where she is thinking of suicide. He, on the other hand, has never thought of suicide - he can't understand how anyone would take their own life. As it is all just a game to him, a way of having fun, he plays along - he makes up a story about what he has been through, which has also lead him the the point where he is thinking of suicide.

    Sarah doesn't know that it's all just a game to Jeremy - she believes that she has found a guy who gets her and who is willing to take his own life with her.

    As they chat, Jeremy gets involved in Sarah and her story. It has gotten to the point where he starts feeling bad for her, and starts to regret what he has done. He realizes that Sarah actually thinks that he's going to commit suicide with her - something that they agreed on doing after getting to know each others' stories.

    What will happen? Will Jeremy meet Sarah and commit suicide because he doesn't want to let her down, or will he tell her the truth and try to turn her life around? Is that even possible, after all that he has done?


    Of course everything can be changed however you wish, this is just a brief plot. I thought of it just now, and wanted to write it down before I forgot about it. If anyone's interested - feel free to message me (PM) or write in this thread.
  2. Intense idea and I like the boldness...just not sure I can personally tackle that one and come out sane, at present. Many respects for the approach.
  3. Yeah, I thought so as well - it could be heavy and dark. If you like, and if possible, we could change the plot into something less... heavy, if you feel like you'd be able to do it. We could try to still have something similar, but maybe not with the suicide-thing if that's not suitable right now?