It's all in the details!

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  1. not familiar with the show at all XD

    also found this image in my 'to use later' favorites list
    So this will be my girl
  2. :P
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  3. Will read and post :3
  4. s'okay

    FYI i'll be heading out on vacation Saturday apr 29 to may 10; I should still be able to post, but there's a lot of traveling I'm doing in that time frame, so mostly expect either early am or late pm posting
  5. So what videogames does everyone play?
    I play alot of rpgs and games like smite
  6. Never heard of it!
  7. Take your time...I may be getting horribly distracted by My Hero Academia XD
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  8. Its a fun game ive been playing for 2 years now
  9. "I don't care what she's like. I'm nothing like that shrew."
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  10. That's really cool! >.> I like them all, but the last two I can't decide between for my favorite.

    I think it would be worth using since it's not as flashy as the thing you did for Aero. Of course I wouldn't be able to do this myself.

    navuso pls teach me
  11. *Hands Coffee a twenty*
  12. Not exactly the same topic, but related... this all reminded me of a text-based RPG I used to play called Dragonrealms. People would buy tons of verbose items, like, "a gleaming silver-white plate etched with the proud visage of a mighty lion" and wear dozens of them at once. I don't understand how they think people will read through all that frivolous crap!
  13. *returns to thread*

    *conserves detail*

    I am... pleased--pleased and grateful. :)
  14. Sounds like an everyday conversation between me and Palonis.

    This is an example of a bad Herald Post. :|
  15. What does? What is? I'm confused. Is it from lack of rest? Tell meee!

  16. .....*Wonders if she needs to put her glasses back on*
  17. People want to know things in 25 words or less. That is what my dad always told me when I tried to explain something growing up. Obviously this is not always possible but the idea is your need to be clear, concise, and to the point. A description is nothing more than an observation on something, it is not poetry.

    Failing that making any sense the below is my 25 16 word answer:

    Anytime they add an alteration, metaphor, or poetry to a description when one was not requested.