It's all in the Blood

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  1. Name: It’s all in the Blood

    Plot: This group rp that I want to do is based off the manga called “Blood type V” but mostly I want to do the basic plot of the story but with original characters. If you would like to read the manga before jumping into this rp here is the link:

    There are companies all over the world putting out a reward for people to collect all of the blood types there are and bring it them.(So they can find the strongest blood type) The request is asked of normal bloods and strange bloods and people will stop at nothing to get the blood for the reward or even for themselves. Some “Strange bloods” think that if they drink the blood of another strange blood that it will cancel out their blood (so they can be normal) or make them stronger. So what can happen is that characters can hunt other characters or they can help others to not be killed for their blood or so on. If you have read the mange then you know that there is a blood type V but I will not be putting it up for anyone’s character however it may be mentioned in the thread or even as a third character. Because I think that it is too powerful or that too many people would argue over it.

    The main story will take place on school campus, there will be two different high schools so the thread has variety and it will take place in some parts of the town or in a Character’s homes.
    The schools are RockGrove High school of International Affairs or Lotus Institute of the Minds.

    Amount of People: 3 people at the minimum and 5 people at the max

    Characters: Each player can play 1 character or up to 2 max. But please don’t play more than you can handle. Please use the character outline since it doesn’t need to be that much info. We will learn about each character better in the rp.

    As for the blood types I would like you to pick from this list.
    The normal A, B, AB, or O types (We aren’t going to use +/- blood types cause then that would just be even more confusing) and then there are the “Strange bloods” which are C, D, E, F, G, H, M, P, Q, R, S, T, W.
    Now I would like you to choose from those blood types. You can have a normal blood type or a “Strange Blood” but your character can only have one “Strange Blood” type. No mixing like: TG cause it would get really complicated. After you choose what blood type you want for your character to have I will tell you what the blood type means. I am doing it this way because I want everyone to have a fair chance at the blood types. In saying that I will not choose my blood type for my characters till everyone has chosen cause I know what they are. Also after choosing your blood type letter I will PM you what that blood type is and what that bloods weakness is (or downside to use of the blood).
    Each blood type will only be used once, so choose wisely at which one you want (I know it will be hard because you don’t know what they are but just think about it carefully)

    Note: If the blood type has been taken that you request I will let you know through pm and I will have you chose a different one.

    Character outline:
    Age: (15-18)
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: (Optional to put just the first letter of the blood type if you want to keep the ability of the power a secret till later)
    Blood Weakness:
    School: (Either RockGrove High school of International Affairs or Lotus Institute of the Minds.)
    Family: (If any)
    History: (optional)

    Note: After you have sent your blood type request to me through pm I will send you back what that blood type is and its weakness. Then post up your profile on this thread. After all members have their profiles up I will get the thread started. (If I can't get one more person to join by Sunday evening then I will just go ahead and start it with who we have)

    Posting order:
    As for all of my group threads there will be a posting order, just cause I like to keep it organized and so no one gets confused.

    Posting order:
    1) Squirrely
    2) 0cool99
    3) Lawkhart
    4) Todo

    Note: If there are any questions PLEASE ask them. Since this is a group rp I know it will be confusing at time, so if you are confused about something pm me and I will answer as quickly as possible.
  2. Name: Saphire
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: (First letter only) D
    Blood Weakness: Not everyone is affected by it, sometimes can’t turn it off by will due to stress or over excitement.
    Personality: Saphire has always had a very bright outlook one life and tries to make those around her see it as well. She is very protective of her twin sister, going as far as changing her class schedules to stay near her. Unlike her sister Saphire is very cautious by nature despite her bubbly attitude.

    Name: Ruby
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: (First letter only) P
    Blood Weakness: Easy to poison one’s self, own blood is toxic self, always fatigued.
    Personality: Unlike her sister, Ruby tends to see the darker side of life around her. She doesn’t mean to bring the mood of those around her down but it just seems to happen when talking, she just does. Because of her sister’s protective nature Ruby is quite the reckless person.

    Family: Has no family other than her twin sister Saphire.
    School: Lotus Institute of the Minds
    History: (Optional) their parents died when they were very young. The sisters have been in and out of foster homes and orphanages most of their lives. Neither of them knows how their parents died and are not really trying to find out either.

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  3. I will post my character soon. I'm just mentally dead at the moment. I might post one tomorrow night, but I'll be baking all day tomorrow.
  4. That's alright. Get it up when you can though make sure that you send me what blood type(s) you want so that I can reserve them for you
  5. Okay.... Hmmm.... May I have S and T for my two characters? Or can you only have one strange blood?
  6. If you have two characters they can have a strange blood type. It doesn't have to be a normal type and it doesn't have to be a strange blood type. I had those listed just in case someone wanted to use a normal blood type.
    I'll reserved S and T for you then. (I'll send you what the S and T blood types are with their weakness when you have your profile ready)
    Can't wait to see your characters.
  7. Oki doki :) I can't wait to make them. Just a question, are you having us use a specific color for our posts?
  8. nope. you can use whatever color you want.
    I hadn't actually thought of something like that but still no. I don't mind if you want to use colors or not. I probably will just because I like using something other then white or black.
  9. Okay that sounds like a good idea. I kinda thought it would be cool to have each character use a color for that character only and then you would know who is speaking.
  10. I'll let the others know and let them decide if they want to do that or not. Sometimes they just don't remember to do that so I don't think I'll make it a priority. Though Todo is only going to have on character.
  11. Alrighty, I might do that, so I don't get confused.
  12. Name:Rouge
    Blood type:Q
    Weakness:lazy much like the mountains or dirt. Difficult to make friends because she dosen't like to do anything. Has alot of stored energy, she is hard to keep quite
    Personality:Kinda of an outcast dosent like to talk to anyone, keeps to herself and no one else
    School:Lotus Institute of the Minds
  13. Come 6:30 pm I will be getting this thread started.
  14. Okay so I'm only going to do one character.

    Name: Annaise Lobo
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: S is for shield: defensive ability and can create a barrier to either protect something, can also mean to protect self or to contain something.
    Blood Weakness: shield strength depends on how good of health character is in, if you take too much damage the shield will break. Can only shield up to two people including yourself and can only contain two things at one time.
    Personality: She is an odd character She is quiet when she wants to be and can suddenly become wild and obnoxious She likes messing with the school faculty and she usually does so with a mask on and such. She makes it look like she has a twin, but in reality she does not.
    School: Lotus Institute of the Minds
    Family: She has no family, being an orphan.
  15. anime_sexy.jpg
    Name: Riku
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: C
    Blood Weakness: Easily angered, prone to violence.
    Family: Mother and father.
    Personality: Quiet, though loves to manipulate people.
    School: RockGrove High school of International Affairs
    History: Never had any siblings though he didn’t care to because he enjoyed getting anything he wanted. His parent’s would cater to his every wish just so that he wouldn’t get angry. It took Riku years to figure out why he always got what he wanted but when he figured it out he started to use it to his advantage.

    Name: Aria (meaning: music)
    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: F
    Blood Weakness: If panicked or stressed she will break bones if she uses her blood but if she is happy and calm she can fix them. Control of emotions is what it comes down to.
    Family: Mother, father, twin older brothers that are 19,Chase and Hunter.
    Personality: Carefree and very loving. She enjoys spending time with people and love to play out in the sun under the cherry blossom trees.
    School: RockGrove High school of International Affairs
    History: Aria home life was pretty normal. Her family and she have a normal routine when everyone is at home. Growing up her brothers have always looked out for her making sure she wasn’t bullied or mistreated. It wasn’t until she was seven that she found out she had strange blood and it wasn’t the best of experience either. She had been playing with a ball in the front yard and it rolled away from her, she ran to go get it but hadn’t noticed the car coming. One of her brothers yelled for her to stop but it was a new ball and she wanted to get it. The next thing she knew she was being shoved and then screeching tires. Her brother had been hit by the car, she had only received scrapped palms and smaller scraps but her brother was lying there in the road clutching his sides and barely breathing. She ran over to him crying saying that she was really sorry but as she touched him with her bloody palms something began to happen. It was like his bones were snapping back into place and fixing themselves. Her brother sat up not a few minutes later like nothing had happened. Since then her brothers have protected her, not only to keep their sister safe but so if they ever got hurt she could always fix them. So in a way they could get away with whatever they wanted and would be cheating death but Aria didn’t mind because she loved her brothers and she knew they loved her even before they knew she was a ‘strange blood’