It's a pleasure to make your acquaintence.

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  1. Hello to those who might stumble upon this post.

    I am new to IWAKU but I hope you will treat me kindly. I love to rp, and I love short stories, and all forms of art. I am no longer in high school, it actually has been three years since that fact, so please do not treat me as a child, and I won't you. I currently have a steady job, but it's quite tedious.

    I'm filipino, and adore anyone and everyone who wishes to befriend me. I always give people he benefit of the doubt. "Do unto others, what you want done unto yourself." I always go by that. So I am a friend till the end unless you choose to wrong me.

    I look forward to rping, so please do leave me a message if you care to to discuss a story idea.

    It was a pleasure to make your acquaintence.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm October nice to meet you.
  3. I'm also out of high school, working, and Filipino. Welcome to iwaku. Let's play sometime!