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One on one roleplay. No foot fetishes please. Anything else pretty much I am good with. Unsure about anything, don't be afraid to ask. I don't judge. Send me a private message if you are interested. Sexual content is great but I also like to have a good amount of plot in there as well. Not very good at long replies such as para so you must be willing to accept short replies.

This roleplay takes place in a society where women have no rights whatsoever. They are raised to be like pets for men to do with as they please. Girls are raised by their fathers to obey and serve the men who possess them. Woman are property, sold by their father after they reach the age of 16. They are only allowed the privileges given to them by their husband, Master, etc. If a woman is touched by any man but the one who owns her without his permission, the guilty man may be punished by death and the woman dealt with however her Master feels suitable.

*Kaitlyn was laying on her bed, nervously biting her nails as she waited for her Master to get home from work. she had finished her daily chores around the house and hoped he would approve of the job she'd done. she wore her favorite sweater as it was another cold, winter night. she thought about what he'd probably want of her when he got home. she sometimes felt uncomfortable about the way he liked to have fun with her but alcohol usually relaxed her, making her almost crave his touch. she closed her eyes, thinking about it until she heard his key in the front door*

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