It's A Bloody Nightmare

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    Camilla waited in line to board the ship as she tapped her foot impatiently. She didn't understand why her father wanted her to take on this job when he had other employees who could do it for him. She could of went on one of his planes for Christ's sake! Why did she have to go on a boat? Planes where much faster in this kind of situation, nobody even goes on boats anymore, unless you're on a vacation to the Caribbean or something. But no way was this a vacation, all Camilla had to do was get there, attend a couple of meetings of one of the Director's of her father's corporation, deliver him some kind of disk that she didn't even know was on it and leave, then come back. Come to think of it, why couldn't he do this himself? It was a business thing right? She sighed as she showed the security her ticket and boarded onto the boat, looking around at the deck. "Ehh... This isn't too bad I guess... How long am I gonna be on here anyway...?" She pulled out her phone and walked across the deck slowly, the horns of the boat slightly scaring her as the boat was about to pull off.
  2. Luca looked down at the water as the tiny dingy he and three other members of the White Mako Trading Company was in cut through the water headed straight for a larger ship that had left the docks twenty minutes earlier.The ship had secretly been shipping cocaine, the same shipment they were after. The dingy pulled up side to the boat One of the men grabbed the RPG AND loaded it,
  3. Camilla walked off the deck and down towards the rooms that laid a couple floors below the deck. "I barely have any service here... Oh that's just wonderful...!" She sighed as she stood outside of her door and pulled out her key from her pocket that she received after a few minutes from boarding the ship. She unlocked the door and opened it widely, noticing how her luggage was already settled on bed. "Out of five stars... I give this room a three..." She closed the door behind her and walked over to her suitcases, unzipping them and started to unpack.
  4. "Hey Tuck, we're in position, we're going ahead with the plan." Luca said into the Bluetooth he was wearing. Luca picked up the megaphone on the dingy and spoke into it.

    "Attention crew and all aboard this vessel, the name is Luca Darvish of the White Mako Trading Company, we have noticed that you are moving 400 lbs of uncut Colombian cocaine and our client has payed us handsomely to take it off your hands and move it to Aruba. We want to do this as easily as possible, so I suggest you cut the engine and hand it over." Luca lowered the megaphone for a few minuets, and after getting no response, he raised the megaphone again.

    "Last chance, stop your fucking boat, or we'll stop it for ya." Luca barked. When he got nothing , Luca turned and nodded to the large Samoan man wielding the RPG.

    "Go ahead Bubba,show them we mean business." Bubba nodded and fired the RPG into the side of the ship, causing a massive explosion.
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  5. "Sir, there's a small vessel on the side of the ship requesting that we stop the ship immediately." One of the shipmen said at the control deck near the top of the ship.

    The Captain steadily kept his hands on the wheel and laughed it off. "What? Why? Why does this vessel want us to stop?"

    "They say we need to stop because we are carrying 400 lbs of uncut Colombian cocaine, and they want to retrieve it from us, sir." The other shipmen said as he kept his eyes glued to the radar but turned back to looked at him as he completed his sentence.

    "Oh, that, well, pay them no mind men, we continue to our set destination without stopping." The Captain announced, not bothering to tell his crew to respond to the call. A few moments later, all of the crew on board was able to hear and feel a loud explosion, rocking the ship violently.


    Camilla dropped to the floor as she heard the impact of the rocket propelled grenade and blinked confused. "Wha...What the hell was that!?" She crawled over to her door and opened up the door slightly, noticing how all the other occupants of the rooms were either staying inside of their own rooms, or opening their doors to see what was going on. Fortunately and amazingly, the impact hit the other side of the ship opposite from where they were on now.
  6. Bubba reloaded and was about to fire again but Luca gave him the hold your fire sign. Luca spoke into the megaphone one last time.

    "Listen up ya dipshits! our rockets are much faster then your lame distress signals, so unless ya want to become a corpse filled shipwreck, I suggest ya stop movin."

    On the other side of the ship, a slightly larger boat puttered next to the larger ship. Two rough looking men had attached a extendable ladder to the main deck and a third was loading a AK-47. A forth man, presumably the boss, was at the wheel, talking to the men on the dingy.

    "Alright Luca,they have stopped, go ahead with the plan."

    The three men on the larger ship climbed the latter up to the main deck. They were joined by three others, including Luca. All of them were armed.

    "Alright boys,let's do this." Luca said he fired the 9mm pistol he had twice and the groups split up. One group headed up to the Bridge, the other down below to round up the guests.
  7. Camilla wanted to go up to the control room of the ship and ask what was going on but she thought better of it and closed the door to her room slowly. She walked over to the small window on the other side of her room and looked out of it, noticing a rather small boat compared to the size of the ship that was floating on the water. "What's that boat doing here? Is it a maintenance boat or something?" She pressed her face against the glass of the window but she wasn't able to see much out of it and sighed.

    After a moment, the Captain's voice rang out from the intercoms in everyone's room. "Attention guests and staff members, please quarantine yourselves in your respective rooms and do not make an attempt to venture out of your rooms." The intercom quickly went out and Camilla could instantly feel her blood run cold. She ran over to her suitcases and started to pull them apart, going through her clothes and necessities until she finally grabbed the disc from her suitcase. "It can't be a gas leak... Or else he never would of told us to lock ourselves in our rooms..." She scanned the disc in her hands and noticed how small it was compared to a regular one, without thinking, she stuffed the disc down her shirt and in her bra. "Urgh.. It hurts.." She quickly ran over to her door and locked it, running back over to her dimembered suitcase and looked through it to find a weapon she could use.
  8. Luca and two others, Russ and Zdeno, made their way to the bridge. Luca knocked on the door and called out to the captain.

    "Hey Captain, how bout you open the door for us." when there was no response. Luca nodded to Zdeno, who used his brute strength to kick the the door open. Russ and Luca walked onto the bridge, weapons trained on the crew. Luca noticed the PA system and turned it on and spoke into it.

    "Evening folks, the name is Luca Darvish of the White Mako Trading Company, as you may have figured out, we have commandeered this vessel because it is carrying the package we are after. Any minute now, a well armed member of White Mako will be banging on your doors and telling you to move to the main deck. For your own sake as well the captain's, It will probably be wise to follow their orders, because if You don't this will happen." Luca took aim at the captain and shot him in the knee.
  9. The captain yelled out in pain as the bullet dug it's way through his flesh, the other members in the control room's eyes widened at what happened and ran over to the captain to assist him and stand.
    "Urgh... You bastard!" The Captain seethed through clenched teeth and looked down at his wound, the blood already made a puddle on the floor and he was losing blood quickly.
    Camilla dropped everything as soon as she herd the gun shot and held into the edge of her bed. How could she be so stupid, of course they would be armed! They wouldn't just rob the ship empty-handed! She thought if she could probably knock the guy she would have a chance to escape, but that idea just flew out the window. She closed her eyes tightly to stop the years that threatened to fall out of her eyes and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.
    There was no way she was just gonna sit here and wait to be taken away, she walked over to her door slowly and unlocked it, opening it slightly and waited for any sounds that would come out from the hallway. She looked over to the side and noticed one of glass perfume bottles was on the floor and reached over to pick it up.
  10. Luca just smiled when the Captain called him a bastard. "Why thank you, that is the nicest thing anyone has said about me. How bout, next time you come across White Mako, you'll do what we say the first time so you don't get shot." Luca started into his Bluetooth, "Hey Tuck, we're in." Luca waited a few moments, glaring at the captain the whole time. "Alright, I'll tell him." he said and then turned back to the captain.

    "Alright, here is the plan. My boy Russ here will patch up your wound, and then you'll lead us to the package. You do anything, or you crew calls for help, we'll start shooting passengers, alright?" Luca asked. Before he could respond , Luca motioned to Russ, who pulled out to a med-kit and went to work trying to fix the wound.


    Young Billy Okibenjio made his way through the cabin area of the ship, making sure that all the passengers were moving up to the main deck. This was his first job with White Mako since fleeing the war-torn country of Liberia in west Africa. He stood over to one side of the hallway as a group of terrified passengers passed him with their hands on their heads. The young,15 year old pirate continued to make his way to the other sides of the cabins. He noticed that one door had remained closed, he walked and knocked on the door, "Hey, if you're in there you have to get up top now."
  11. The Captain of the ship clenched his fists as he looked over at his crew, not bothering to answer to the man that threatened his and everyone's lives on the ship. If there were no casualties, they would get what they wanted from the ship, and leave without killing anyone, or so that he hoped. He just prayed that the crew would listen to this man's demands and the passengers didn't try to resist, if all went well he could contact security from nearby land and have them track down this 'White Mako'.


    Camilla gripped the perfume bottle in her hand tightly and bit her bottom lip. Alright Camilla...It's now or never... She gave herself a quick pep-talk before she swiftly pulled the door open and threw her perfume bottle straight at the young pirate's face, making a run for it in the opposite direction the passengers were supposed to go, pulling out her phone. Oh god! What am I supposed to do? Do I call the police? Can they even do anything all the way out here? Where the hell is security!?"
  12. Billy screamed as the perfume bottle smashed against his face. "Ahhh! You fucking bitch!" He screamed in anger in pain as he doubled over and grabbed the radio that was with him. "Hey it's Billy, Some bitch just threw a perfume bottle at me! Get down here now!" He hung up and ran after the girl, blood ruinning down his face. "You can run , but ya can't hide bitch!" He screamed after Camille.
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  13. Camilla didn't even stay long enough to see if her perfume bottle actually hit him in the face, but she guessed that it definitely did do something hoping that that scream was because of the wound she intended to inflict and hearing a string of colorful words. She glanced at her phone and saw how she didn't have any service and continued running, with no set destination in mind and groaned silently in frustration. Urgh! What did you expect? You're on a boat in the middle of the ocean! Of course there isn't service! But wouldn't the crew would have contacted back up through the radio? Camilla slowly stopped when she noticed there was two path ways to take and she didn't know if one was safer than the other, hell some of the other goons might have been advancing on her position right at this moment.
  14. Luca had heard about the commotion downstairs and decide to check it out. He told Russ to keep eyes on the crew while he Zdeno helped with the search downstairs. They headed below deck and ran into Billy and Kelvin, the latter a Filipino man brandishing a scary looking Machete. "Alright split up and find this girl, and bring her to me alive." Luca said to the group, looking over to Billy when he said this. The group began their search for the girl
  15. Camilla decided to go with her gut feeling and chose the left path, running down it as she stopped to open doors for any kind of communication device or anything. She was surprised that nobody had found her yet, maybe it was her lucky day? But if it was already lucky then this would of never happened in this first place. Camilla stopped in the middle of the hall and leaned against a wall to catch a breather, trying to quiet her breathing to listen for anything where she was at and quietly whispered to herself. "Now what do I do...? I can't contact anyone unless I'm at the control deck... And I'm pretty sure up there has gone to hell.."
  16. Luca slowly made his way through the hall on the left with Kelvin while Zdeno and Billy took the hall on the right. Luca knew the girl couldn't run forever, a sadistic grin spread over his face as he continued down the hall. "Oh little lady, come out come out wherever you are." He said loud enough for the girl to hear him.
  17. Camilla's eyes widened as she heard a man's voice from down the hall and resumed her running, quickly opening the nearest door and closing it behind her, locking it and backed away from it. Today was definitely a very bad day for her, she checked her phone for service again but couldn't see clearly as she started to tear up and slid down a wall when she bumped into it.
  18. Luca was smiling like a kid on Christmas morning while walking down the hall, checking on every door to make sure the girl didn't run in there. Eventually, he came to the end of the hall, a single door to the left. Luca walked over and knocked on the door. "Alright little girl, you had your fun, now come out of there."
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  19. Camilla let her tears flow freely as she heard the man's voice from behind the door and tried to look around the room but couldn't see through her tears, she got on her knees and tried to feel around the floor for another weapon to use, her hands grazed a large object on the floor and she picked it up by what she guessed was it's handle. Was it a hammer? An axe? What kind of room was she in? She wiped the tears away from her eyes and stood up, the object she was holding was heavier than she expected, but the more heavier the more damage it'll do right? She slowly and quietly made her way over to the door and stood up against the wall behind it, not planning to go out without a fight.
  20. Luca heard some shuffling on the other side of the door, He readied himself and his trusty Glock 17, Del standing behind him, holding the machete with a tight grip.
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