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The silence is followed by the searing vibration.
The wetness of flesh and the cracking of bone.
The impact of falling limbs against pavement.

The blistering dread that entraps you.

You're being cut to pieces.
You're being littered to rot.

Clipping away at your toes.
It hurts.

It fucking hurts.
You open your mouth.​

ĺ̴̖̺̩̠̆̃̏̌̉́̔͌͋̀͑͝e̵͍͙͇̮̤̦͙̘̦̹̮̲̝͑͂͐͒̀̌͐̚͠t̵̢̧̧̗͎̮͖͎͙̩͕͖̼̊͂̀́͆̿͒͒̀́͐͂͘͝ ̴̨̹̯̼͚̲̃̋͐̋͆͘̕̕m̸͉̄̿̅͂̆̈́͌̓̿e̶̢̛̤̪̥͆̈̔̍͐̀͑̓ ̷̨͈͔̲͊̽͐́̎̈́̈͐̈́̐͝d̷̩̹͚̮͚̘̻̠̖̘̬͉̀̈̈́̍̒́̈́̈́̀̒̚͠ȉ̶̙̖̤̣̩̪̹̳̆͋͛̏̾̑͋͂͜ě̷̥̊

ito's ramen stand | ch x - prelude ///

If I ever told you something strange.
Would you believe it?

March 22

The semblance of spring.

A sense of calm and security blankets San Fransokyo with the blossoming of the season.

Today, many families and friends have decided to spend their afternoon viewing the great cherry blossoms.


The sun has yet to rise.
San Fransokyo is still asleep.
The streets are quiet.

A text flickers across the screen of your phone.

HEY GUYS (,, ・∀・)ノ゛




The message catches you off guard. However, the reason you are awake at this time isn’t due to the text. For the fifth night in a row, you have woke up in panic.

It was that dream again. The reoccurring vision.

The one where you’re ripped to pieces.

You must be losing it.
They're getting worse.

Becoming more vivid - more real.

It started with one exorcist.
He spoke of the same dream.

"It's like I'm possessing someone. Trapped in their body while they're torn at every limb."

He had been seeing it for months.
It drove him insane.

He hung himself in his room.

You receive another message from the Exorcist group chat. It's directed at the message from Nao.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The death of your fellow exorcist had triggered a chain reaction of these visions. You and a handful of other exorcists have been sharing these dreams. Not even Ito can provide you with an answer. It has been over a week since Nao committed suicide. His ID in the group chat has already been disconnected.

Regardless of what you choose to believe.
Many strange things are happening.

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Isamu Domyouji
He didn't feel like dealing with anyone's shit right now except maybe his own. Currently, his body laid flat on the roof of some company building and would remain so for some time. At least that's what he planned until Nao texted the group chat of an ominous being that was surely located at the bridge. His only response was to scoff while shutting off his phone. A few minutes went by before a groan hit the hair and his position went from laying down to sitting up. His tousled black hair fixed itself in the wind while red eyes glared at nothing.

"Such a pain, I wanted to do nothing today." His delicate fair hands fixed the creasing in his white shirt while a pants chain feel true to the laws of gravity. He looked up at the sky before walking toward a ladder that hung from the side of the building. Isa slid down it pretty quick before disappearing into the alleyways on the way to the bridge... Unfortunately, he hadn't received the second text.

'Nao's dead, who the fuck are you?' -Kousuke

Noritaka Hwangmok
Nori's shy self sat in a coffee shop as a regular. A book waited eagerly to be opening on the table in which he sat while a coffee cut warmed his hand. It was obvious his pretty little head was lost in thought as when his phone rang a flinch racked his body. Chocolate brown eyes rushed to see it while his hand nervously fixed his equally brown hair. His throat tightened as the information registered... A fellow exorcist was dead. Not only that someone had their phone and was playing their role. Nori left the shop in a rush while leaving behind his beloved book and coffee. The first place he'd probably head was home, to mourn. It didn't matter if Nao and Nori weren't that close, he cared an awful lot and he knew what it was like to lose someone all too well. Maybe not by death but it hurt all the same.

"Why does this happen to the best people?" He muttered while avoiding contact with pretty much everyone around him. The streets have unfortunately crowded today which worked against him but he wouldn't be stopping anytime soon unless someone he knew ran into him.
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The sound of a camera's shutter along with the somewhat demanding cries of the director overshadowed what by all means should have been the star of the show. The model, a young woman in her mid to late 20s, in peak physical condition. Some might look at her and say she's wasting her life by simply making a living standing around and letting men and women snap quick shots of her. Others who were far less judgmental saw the beauty of what she did. It was true art. In the deepest of men's desires, there was always the chance to live a little big longer, to have just a few more moments to 'be the person you used' to be. In this photographer's eyes, art was the perfect way to immortalize yourself.

The you that appeared in those photos would never age, would never grow bedridden or debilitated from illnesses or injuries. You'd look the same forever and even after your physical body had shuffled off the mortal coil, you'd still exist through photos that someone, perhaps a cherished person in your life or a loved one could look upon fondly and smile at the memories. Such a positive way think to brought was a shining beacon in the usually ill-bearing omens and thoughts that plagued her thoughts. Such as never being able to move once you died. Most described it as an eternal sleep and if that were the case and there was no such thing as an afterlife? What a depressing thing to have to look forward to.


Man, she really needed a cigarette.

Slinging her camera around her neck and holding onto it so it didn't go dangling around and smacking into her or the nearest object and possibly breaking, the woman known as 'Angel' stepped out of the room. She'd garnered enough pictures for now. Normally, her shots were more traditional with ones you'd see in a nature magazine or the like. But every now and again she took up opportunities to shoot models themselves. It was an interesting contrast from taking a picture of this particular tree, this bear, this specific flower. Every human was different in their own way and that was charming.

Well, it would be if it wasn't for the fact that one human and one human alone had captured her heart. Stepping outside to light a cigarette, Angel pulled out her phone and the cigarette fell from her lips onto the ground as she struggled to absorb the weight that the text carried with it. No matter how many times she read it, it still hit like a ton of bricks every time. She'd never go as far as to say she was particularly close with anyone except the woman she cherished: Kiko. But the realization that someone you knew had died and by their own hand wretched up feelings Angel couldn't quite explain. Her parents might have explained it away as him having simply not being 'strong enough' and that he'd 'let Angel and his other friends down' with his actions.

But Angel didn't feel let down. She felt scared, reminded once more of her own mortality. That at any moment her own life could come to an end. What a miserable way to think. Crushing the now ruined cigarette under the heel of her black boots, Angel looked through her contacts and shot a message to Kiko.

['Going to bridge. Ttyl if I survive. xoxo']

Smiling at the message, Angel took a deep breath and exhaled. She only hope that she could and would make it back from this. With a bit of pep in her step, Angel made her way off towards the bridge...

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It was a normal thing for Marian to wake to a nightmare, even before this latest phenomenon she had been no stranger to them, hell, even the content was similar to one she used to have all the time, but of course, this was different, she may not have been an expert in things of a supernatural nature, but when a group of exorcists have the same repeating nightmare? Yeah it's probably something bad.
Seeing as she was unlikely to get any more sleep that night, Marian left bed and set about preparing for the day, a trip to the toilet, showering while going over her body with a razor, then breakfast, gagging on meds that she would never willingly go without and the toilet again.

It was about an hour after waking up that she finally got to checking her phone, having been in a leisurely mood since Friday's were a day off from the ridiculously boring office work that filled most of the rest of the week.
That's when she saw the message, a chill running up her spine as she read the text, sure, ghosts and other such things were part of her everyday life, especially the apartment down the hall, but when someone she knew (albeit through text) was seemingly communicating beyond the grave through tech? Extra creep factor there.

Whatever was going on it seemed the bridge was a good place to start checking, Marian had been relatively nightmare free and wanted that back, and of course whatever was going on was seemingly targeting exorcists, of which she was one, making it a threat.
It wasn't like she had anything to do anyway, no family in the country to hang out with, even if they did want to see her, of course there was the office picnic but hunting ghosts seemed way more fun than hanging around the five or six people who attended to pretend they had a social life.
After a little more prep she headed out, sending a quick message in the group chat to let people know she was heading over, just in case any of them wanted to link up and check it out together.