It Doesn't Make Me Scrooge



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Christmas time is here, and there are so many wonderful things about this time of year. I adore the decorations, the good will suddenly stirred inside people, Christmas music, baking cookies, and (as greedy as it sounds) I love the presents.
That being said, there are things about this time of year I just hate.

Shopping, spending time with my dad's side of the family, and the pounds put on from the candies and cookies are just some examples.

This got me thinking; does anyone else loves the holidays, but hates certain aspects of them?
What does Iwaku dread about Christmas time?
i dread the air
Since i have breathing problems the air sucks for me to breath and i need my inhailer
Probably the non-stop music in every store everywhere all the time. There are tons of Christmas songs to choose from, but thanks to muzak we are doomed to hear the same ten songs over and over and over and over........mmmmm Christmas Booze. Suddenly these songs aren't so bad.
Holiday Haters. XD They get me worse on Valentine's Day, though. Christmas isn't as bad.

Going to the store is probably the worst. I want to go in and get groceries, but it's packed full of psycho people that don't know how to relax or do safe and harmless online shopping. O___O They stand around staring at isles and not getting out of the way, milling about all slow, and not paying attention to what's around them. Drives me bananas.


Seriously, guys, it was originally a Pagan festival. Shut the fuck up.
The people who think that they are entitled, because clearly they're more special than everyone else.
These are the people who don't pre-order something popular and then make the clerk's life hell by demanding to know why he can't sell them that item they want, because the customer can see that they have one and they won't listen to the fact that that item is for someone who ordered it ahead of time and I can't just sell it to you.

Those sorts of people. >(
The materialism, the "War on Christmas" folks, the Christmas Haters, the muzak Christmas music, and finally aggressive bell ringers.

What happen to peace and good will? Take someone's "Happy Holidays" and wish them a "Merry Christmas" or take the "Merry Christmas" and wish them a "Good Day" or "Happy New Year". Spend the holidays how you want to, not by how people dictate you should!
I don't particularly participate with the whole Christmas cheer bit and put my blinders on a lot to the entire holiday. I do that with a lot of holidays, though.

Normally, I just dislike the whole 'family togetherness' and having to act as though there's nothing wrong in the world or that all the worries will subside on a single day.
The people who think that the term "family" is relegated to a certain set of people, and thereby restrict certain individuals from participating in "family events". It's a fact that makes me want to scream.