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  1. Through the years, man has developed incredible technology, beyond your wildest dreams. The first genetic mutation testing originated during Nazi Germany, but in the year 2031, a group of scientist were able to genetically enhance humans to have abilitiest.

    They tested on regular people, and those naturally born with abilities. They wanted to further advance their ailities to create an army of super soldiers, to have the best army, and to rid the world of their enemy.

    Through the times, God has watched them, violating his creation. He was enraged at the destruction it caused, and decided to rid the Earth of his presence and protection.

    Since that time, civilization has broken down into a barbaric carnage of survival of the fittest. Thought, only a few hundred thousand of the super soldiers passed on their genes to the next generation, they still thrive. Picking their way into to tribes, to offer protection, while they themselves feed off of any opposition.

    Even the fey that lived among them have gone into hiding, not being able to flourish off the land since it is riddled with the foul of the Earth. Some strong fey, lives in the tribe, only to thrive off the emotion. Others that cannot, went back to Faerie, their home dimension

    Our mission is to rid the world of those that destroy it, and to kill the angel that helped man gain the knowledge. And to help the world flourish, yet again.

    Lilith :
    The year is 2571. The world has ceased to exist and civilization is crumbling. Men have fallen into tribes and follow a strong leader. I belong to neither for my heritage dates back further than the universe.

    I was not born but created. I was the first female angel. God sought perfection and in it, he found me. Thought I am not perfect. He gave me free will and the ability to lie and disobey.

    When father created man, he sent me to bend to the will of man. I refused, and soon fell from grace.

    He cast me out and told me I was to walk the earth for all eternity, to never die, to live in pain and anguish. To watch loved ones die is the worst punishment anyone could bare.

    Now I walk among the rest of the people still alive, searching for the angel that betrayed me. Sammael. My some-times lover, who didn't stand my be when god subjected me to man. The only companion I have is a bound faerie, Tishra, who's life I saved millennia ago.

    I'm looking for 2 characters. These are going to characters that meet with Lilith at the beginning and soon become close friends.

    I will be playing as Lilith, Tishra, and Sammael.

    Just post or send me the information on the character.

    Name :
    Age :
    Race :
    Species :
    Choice of Weapon :
    Ability :
    Personality :
    Anything else you might add :

    Rules :
    Have fun! Number 1 thing.
    I will lead for the the most part but if you wish to lead to help the plot, please do so.
    Don't fight or god mod. I.E. be the strongest character.

    Please, sign up so we can get the show on the road. I'm new, by the way, but a great writer.
  2. Hmmm, so this takes place during the Biblical Armegeddon concerning Adam's first wife?
  3. In a sense yes. She's based off Adams first wife. But I added a twist to make it my own oc. Lilith, in Biblical terms, was a demon, here she's an angel. She has the ability to step into a frame of time and step out anywhere she wants, favors a scythe, has greater speed, agility, and strenght than the average person, and she has a sense of morale. Also, she is upbeat, sweet, kind, but serious, determined, and logical.
  4. so other characters can they be mutated in some way or enhanced given the time period?
  5. In a sense also. If your character has an ability through mutation then that is fine or it could be born with it. Most encounters outside will be either as well. There are also Faerie's. They only reveal themselves when they feel they should. The only way other than that to see them is if one gives you sight.
  6. I also meant like man-made enhancements like genetic engineering or cybernetic enhancement like if they were enhanced before Armegeddon
  7. Yes. Those that are genetically mutated tend be the tribes support or brutes.
  8. could my character be a cyborg loner wanderer type?
  9. If you wish yes. Just be sure to fill out all necessary information.
  10. Name : Ren
    Age : 22
    Gender : Male
    Species : Organic Cyborg
    Choice of Weapon : Mr. Fusion Rifle (A rifle that converts debris and garbage into high velocity ammunition)
    Ability : As an organic Cyborg he's evolved from a long line of Cyborgs and is thus biomechanically evolved with machines as part of his body from conception, He has superhuman strength and speed, above average agility and superhuman senses thanks to the biomechanics, in Addition his forearms can morph into hypersonic Shockwave emitters that can cause fissures when slammed into the ground or become shockwave cannons when fired in air, his chest can also morph into a beam cannon, however the use of it causes him great fatigue.

    Personality : He's a loner mostly, quiet and concerned with survival since childhood. He's kind and helpful though distrustful of anyone. He keeps to no permanent settlement prefering instead to travel what used to be the United States and Canada. For him to speak it takes a great amount of trust in an individual, and since he never truly trusts anyone, he only speaks when he needs to, such as buying from traders, being part Machine, and living in a world where emotional attachment leads to death, he locks away emotions, not truly knowing how to feel them.

    Anything else you might add : He's a bit skiddish, not in a frightened way but in a way where he enters defense mode almost immediately

    I'll try to post on Monday, I gotta busy weekend
  11. Name :Adrias
    Age :16
    Race :Human boy
    Species : mutilated Choice of Weapon :Steel small orbs
    Ability :telekinesis, movement of matter at the micro or macro (visible objects, life forms, etc.) levels; move, lift, agitate, vibrate, spin, bend, break, or impact) Speed up or slow down the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, possibly to the point of ignition if combustible (also known as pyrokinesis when speeding up vibrations, and cryokinesis when slowing them down). Self levitation (rising in the air unsupported, flying).
    Personality : outgoing, free living, loves to play game, but capable in a fight, kindhearted