Is your brain tricking you?

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    It's no secret that we have to carefully consider the sources of our information. But what if your own brain is the source of misdirection?
  2. My brain has already given enough false infomation as it is >.< I just gotta follow mah gut
  3. I love when you find interesting stuff like this hubbu <3

    the brain tis a dizzying thing!!! But yes our emotions affect our memories, which is why "eye witness accounts" are not always smiled upon for only evidence in courts! need HARD facts! A neuro-science student at my grad school was doing a study on how emotion affected visual memory and my class happened to be their Guinea pig for collecting data. So the student staged coming into the middle of our class and the teacher chewed her out in front of us for something as if he were really pissed. Scared the shit out of some of us. Then a few minutes after she left he said it was a set up and handed out questions and we were to answer them based on our memory of the incident. It was interesting the results that came back :)

    So yeah our mind can certainly be deceptive.
  4. I always knew my brain was a tricky bastard...