Is two hours of sleep worth it?

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  1. Time to use the internet to inform my decisions, which is a flawless idea.
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  2. I took a two hour nap after I dropped my kids off at school. Woke up feeling worse than I did when I laid down. @_@

    However, getting two hours of sleep at night before waking up to dress the heathens and send them off to school, I usually spend the entire day feeling great. I'm weird though. =/
  3. Completely dependent on the Individual and how many hours of sleep they can function on.

    For me? Terrible idea, I'd fall asleep out in public.
    For some others I know? That's their typical amount of sleep.
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  4. Go hard or go home.
  5. YOLO. you can sleep when you're dead.
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  6. Two hours can be enough to temporarily rejuvenate the body for an extremely short period of time depending on your circadian clock, aka biological clock. Taking a short 30-45 minute nap won't inhibit your ability to function on a normal basis, but any longer and your muscles become distressed from falling into stage 3 sleep after over an hour and having that cycle interrupted. This causes higher blood pressure and interrupts part of your digestive tract to an extent. I take a nap every single day, usually thirty minutes about midway through my waking period. But of course, I'm awake just over 18 hours a day with a typical six hour sleep period. Been doing that for the past four years or so.

    The body can be awake for up to seventy hours before your body temperature begins fluctuating between its peaks and lows which leads to distress in cardiovascular and pulmonary muscles, which also leads to high blood pressure. I would not recommend less than three hour sleep periods on a constant basis, as that can eventually lead to lapses in memory, distorted logic and other weird shit that happens to your fatigued brain. But of course, there are some who somehow get used to such habits and sleeping any longer than the aforementioned times ironically leads to the same symptoms.

    Ah, human psychology, such a complex and beautiful piece of our insane condition.
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  7. Overwhelming consensus seems to be "fuck that noise", so fuck that noise I shall. Yay for another all-nighter, and so much for resolving to act like an adult this term. :D
  8. I don't understand why you would come to the internet for these matters.

    Let me educate you on that a proper adult would make an informed and well thought out decision.

    It goes
    Eni Mini Miney Moe
    Catch a tiger by its toe
    if it hollers let it go
    eni mini miney moe

    The important part is not to add anything more to it because if you have more than 20 options you need to thin down your list.
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  9. Just me, but I find all-nighters suck.

    Back in high school, I semi-regularly had to stay up all night to do whatever research project or studying or essay. It even became a running gag with some of my teachers, because I'd be emailing them my work at 5 or 6AM, and they knew I wasn't getting up early. (Regularly late for school, because I chose a bus route that by default would give me a 50% chance of being late.)

    When I stayed up without any sleep, by around midday I would start to crash, my body gets weak, heart starts beating like hell. If I got so much as half an hour of "sleep", I would be able to push through the day, while maybe eating a little more and feeling tired.

    I know everyone is different, and maybe you'll be fine. But in my personal experience, even minimal sleep is better than no sleep at all.
  10. I can't do all-nighters anymore and it makes me sad

    I got to 4:30 once and was like "fuck thi-zzzzzZZzzzzzzz......"
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  11. Two-hour power nap will give you enough juice to go for anywhere between 2-4 hours.

    Then you're going to crash until you have another power nap.
  12. If you're anything like me, trying to take a short nap is a bad idea.

    It will quickly become an eight-hour stint regardless of how many alarms I set to wake myself up. I'm a heavy sleeper. :c
  13. Back in high school I used to be able to stay up for long periods of time straight (assuming I had video games to distract me).
    There was one time I did it for 48 hours straight, earning me the nickname "Two Nighter" at school.
    ^Though note, after pulling these things I would require a large amount of sleep.

    But during time in college that became a lesser trend, where staying up for even 20 hours now can lead to bad consequences.
    I've even caught myself yawning in the 8-12 hour range.

    I feel old...
    I'm only 20, I shouldn't feel old.
  14. Istwohoursofsleepworthit???no.
  15. I find a one hour nap is enough for a power nap, it can supply me with a few hours of energy.

    But I can't really get through a day with less than five hours. I only got five last night and still stayed home from school.

    But I know some kids that were up all night the day before school resumed and instead of sleeping, they just stayed up.

    So it's a lot of personal trial and error.
  16. I normally only have 4-5 hours of a sleep a day because that is the amount I need to feel refreshed. If I sleep over 6 hours I wake up feeling like shit and probably fall back asleep, then I wind up sleeping 10-12 hours @.@
  17. I need eight to nine hours of sleep each night primarily because of a temporary medical problem last year and because it is also the appropriate amount a teenager should have considering an adolescent's sleeping patterns are much more different than an adult's sleeping pattern.

    I should still be having eight to nine hours of sleep even now. Last year, my performance in school was not the best even if I passed every class except one. I could barely focus, I slept more than I needed to after school, I continuously fell asleep during a college class, and had fatigue each morning as well. Without coffee, I was a sloth- lazy and too damn "tired" to do anything.

    However, this is only my supposed amount of sleep. The actual amount of sleep I get is around three hours less because I don't fall asleep until around 11 or 12 and have to wake up at 5:30 am each morning during the weekdays.
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