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  1. Whats up guys, ThE_DeAd here, also known as Jamie. I've admired this community from afar for some time and finally decided that i would jump in and join in the fun. I've seen some really creative storylines on these boards and I look forward to collaborating with some of you in the near future.

    Cheers. ^^
  2. Welcome! Jump right in and have tons of fun! ( tons might be too much actually, that's a crushing amount.... how about pounds!?)
  3. Many thanks, I fully intend to be quashed under the weight of my own amusement. I've always been a person of extremes anyways.
  4. Welcome to the community that is Iwaku awesomeness. I look forward to working with you.
  5. Welcome~ be seated and be merry!

    Even IF it isn't Christmas yet!

    I'm Mitten, pleased to see you decided to join Iwaku! I hope to see you around and look forward on seeing your ideas! If you have any questions feel free to message me or any of the Staff!
  6. I wish to get smushy with you! :D
  7. Why hello there, Jamie!

    Welcome to our wonderful community! Glad to have ye aboard.

    If you need anything or have any questions that don't apply to erasers, please don't hesitate to ask!
  8. Hya!!!
    Welcome to the Community!
    I am Doxa, pleasure to meet you!
    If you have questions please let us know so we can help you out :3
  9. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! Welcome aboard the SS Iwaku where theres tons to do and lots of good folk! If you need anything you let me know!
  10. I knew I was being watched from afar...

    Hello, Jamie, and welcome to Iwaku! The name is Iliana and it's great to meet you. If you're interested in getting started, these are two great and awesome places to visit:

    The Guide to Iwaku Roleplaying - Everything is in there. EVERYTHING... o_o

    The Academy - New to roleplaying or not, this is a way for you to show your skills in excersies, ask for mentors, find study buddies, and all that jazz.

    If you have any questions, let me know, and I'll be glad to help. As long as you stay over there. I'm watching you as well...*slantyeyes*