Is that messed up?

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  1. So you ask a question about something you did, Think or said and then next person replies saying if your wrong or not for that.

    See I was chilling with my friends an we ended up talked about zombies and how one of my friends says he could kill us as zombie with no remorse. In that conversation I told them if i was to ever get bit by a zombie I would not tell anyone...You might not turn into a zombie or infected what ever the cool kids call them.

    Is that messed up?
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  2. I wouldn't say it's messed up, but it could be seen as putting self-preservation before your friend's safety

    Sometimes when I REALLY don't want to work, I fantasize that I drive off a bridge or into a ditch and get the day off because I'm in shock.

    Is that messed up?
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  3. Yes, because having a bad day like just not wanting to go to work so you kill yourself is quite the overreaction.

    When I am alone, all I do is look up morbid humour. Especially after doing volunteer work at the animal shelter.

    Is that messed up?
  4. I don't fantasize about killing myself, just that an accident would be enough to get me off work.

    And you're not messed up; I enjoy shock humour, too! Too much lollipops and daydreams can make a person ill.

    I have a coworker who believes in magic, Atlantis, crystals, spirit worlds, and all that kind of voodoo. I'm a practical cynic, so I just nod and smile and say what she says is cool/makes sense/is interesting, even though I think she's totally batshit.

    Is that messed up?
  5. No, sounds like you are being polite.

    In a roleplay, I will figure out the worst scenario. For example; tricking two characters into killing each other with the illusion of one killing the other's loved on. Like Fred is seen by John killing John's wife, but in Fred's eyes, John is killing his wife, but in reality, only one person dies there and it is either John or Fred, while the guilty party watches the best friends murder one another, slips away after one dies. Meanwhile, he really does kill both of their wives who were brainwashed into aiding their husband's deaths.

    My mind works that way for roleplays.

    Is that messed up?
  6. No, It not real so you can be as wrapped as possible.

    I told my brothers girlfriend that i see epaR in her future. If you no that song you will get it off the bat but it you don't just flip it around. Now she doesn't know what it means and i tell her this a lot.She just says your so stupid Kid Jesus but only if she knew. ha ha ha ha ha.

    Is that messed up?