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Is it all just a game to you?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitty Anne, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Alex Kranzer.png

    Alex Kranzer, age 19, Male:

    Appearence: This power bottom playboy exclusively chases after guys that are older than him. He has dark brown hair with deep forest green eyes and skin like porcelain. Around his neck he wears his late father's old dog tags. Being someone who hardly ever wears sleeves he usually wears a red muscle skirt that hangs loosely on his figure with a black jean vest over top of it with ripped up blue jeans. His hair reaches the base of his neck and on either side of his head right in front of his ears his hair is braided. His shorter hair flips outward on the sides of his head while the rest of it hangs in his face styled in a fashion that keeps it from his eyes.

    Background: Alex was just a boy when he got the news that his father had been killed during the war leaving him with a particular emptiness that he constantly fills with lustful desires and action. Right now he was going to collage at the University near his home. He stayed close to home to keep an eye on his drunkard of a mother. As a boy after his dad died his mother started to get physically violent with him when ever she would get upset. They lived in the slums of town compared to the old house they had. They had lost it due to his mother's failure to do anything right besides drink. He refused to turn out just like his mom, or his dad for that matter. He would avoid the armed forces like the plegue and get his degree in interior design. Luckily he had a talent for design or art in general which was a good thing because he wasn't the best in school, so he would have to ride it out on sheer talent and hard work. More often than not he went around to parties finding hearts to break and cocks to suck. Hell, if the whole collage thing didn't work he could always be a dancer which was something he did now and then when he needed to come up with cash fast.
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