Is It A Deal, Then? (Once Upon A Time/Disney Type Stuff)

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  1. Alright! So I don't really do fandoms, but I'm almost through Once Upon A Time, and have a loose concept I've been thinking about.

    You don't need to know everything about the show, by the way, whatever you need to know will be explained if this actually gathers interest.

    So basically as GM, I would play the newest dark one, Mina, and the characters will build their stories by playing it out with other characters, including making or (trying to) break deals with the dark one.

    No characters from the show, but if you'd like to create some sort of relative without bringing said character from the show into the RP, that's fine.

    So let me know if you're interested, and throw in any ideas you may have, along with any questions on what I have so far..

    P.S., for my sake and other people who haven't watched the show and want to or just haven't finished, no spoilers, please!
  2. Wow! This one is an interesting idea.

    Very, very challenging. I would go so far to say you can't even do this decently the way people normally RP online. Must have relationship between players characters, must have collaborative writing, must have posts of some length and posts must be intelligent with great imagination.

    Plenty of disney and folklore characters to chose from though, at least for those with the knowledge about that topic.

    I'd love to play in a working version of this, but is it even possible?
  3. I realize it could definitely be difficult, but I'm hoping for some dedicated, creative minds to cone through it.
    I was thinking about putting in certain limits, or perhaps some common goals for certain groups of people.
    I'd love for a group of people to help me create a world similar to that of the show that can be a fun environment where characters can come and go as they please to make things interesting and add to everyone's stories, and to the main story itself.
    And I intend the dark one to make things interesting and maybe help where people are stuck in their stories.

    Needless to say, I hope I can make it work with the help of some creative minds :3

    Also! I appreciate not only your interest, but for complimenting my idea!~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.