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  1. I only have a few roleplays going on at the moment and was hoping to add on a few more. I don't want to scare you away with a wall of explanation, so simply put, I'm looking for a literate roleplayer, who can add to a plot, and play the male role in a MxF pairing. As far as length, I'd prefer if my partner can give me at least two paragraphs, because usually less than that is not enough description and text to keep me interested. I want to see your character's thoughts and emotions as well as actions. Now, that being said, I'm not too much of a grammar Nazi, everyone makes mistakes every now and then.
    Also, I like when my partner is willing to talk with me, give me feedback and ideas to move the plot along. Don't be a stranger. ^^

    Onto Plots:
    Now, I only have a few at the moment, but I'll probably add more in the future.

    Note that any of these plots can be altered or added to. If you're interested in any of them, send me a message, or post here.

    Yes, Mistress (Really craving~)
    : An alternate medieval time, within a noble's home.(Can be changed)
    Pairing: Butler x Mistress(I'll play the mistress)
    A young mistress of the age of sixteen, has a butler of her very own. He's only a few years older than herself, and has always been loyal to her, only her, as opposed to the rest of the servants who are loyal to the entire family. He does everything for her that needs to be done without question or complaint and seems to love nothing more than making his mistress happy. However, one day, something strange occurs. The girl's usually loyal butler pins her to a wall and whispers in her ear, "I can no longer hold myself back, my lady."
    Things change from that point onward. The butler teases his mistress, toys and flirts with her whenever he's alone with her, which is quite often. When company is present he acts as though nothing has happened, and his mistress is too wary to speak of what he does. The butler still cares deeply for his mistress, only now he will no longer hold back the lust that he's kept from her for so long.

    The Gypsy and Her Keeper
    Setting: Fantasy, medieval time.
    Pairing: Overprotective Warrior x Gypsy(I'll play the Gypsy)
    Gypsies roam the slums of the Kingdom of Clarence, begging for coin, dancing, singing, striving to enjoy the lesser things in life. One dark day, a large group of men clad in armor stride through the streets of these slums and begin to kill every Gypsy in sight. When the knights finally leave, every Gypsy is dead, all but a single girl. When she awakens, she finds herself in a small tent, firelight flickering outside. Sitting near the fire is a man, a cold looking one, and at first, she'd scared of him. She comes to find out that he saved her from those men. The warrior had been watching her from afar for a few weeks now, mesmerized by her dancing, by her beauty. He was in love with her. The gypsy stays with the warrior, trying to repay a debt that she feels can never be paid, and enjoying his company. He cold and distant toward others, but always warm and gentle when he's alone with her. He keeps her out of harms way and she fills the void set in his heart from years of killing for coin.
    They happen to come across a group of knights though in their travels, ones with a silver hawk upon their chest plates. It's the same knights that killed her people. They see her and immediately want her dead, although her keeper won't let them touch her. Their travels become more important as the gypsy girl wants to find the other men who killed her people, to put a stop to them.

    Shrine Maiden
    Setting: Modern or Feudal Japan
    Pairing: Fox Youkai x Shrine Maiden(I'll play the Shrine Maiden)
    A young girl is sold a small home in the countryside of Japan. There's much more to the area than she knows though. Unlike most areas, there is no shrine here, and so the youkai and spirits, as well as the gods, are all upset. The spirits act out and reveal themselves, attacking humans on some occasions. The girl prays for the spirits to be peaceful one night and when she awakens the next morning, her home has been turned into a shrine. Her own clothing has changed as well, into that of a shrine maiden's. The biggest surprise of all though, is the boy she finds sleeping on top of her. His arms are wrapped around her waste and he has the features of a fox; ears and 3 soft tails.
    He explains that he's lived for years, abandoned by the shrine that once belonged to the area in the past. He's come to serve the new shrine maiden as her familiar, although, he has a bad habit of clinging to the maiden. To him, she is his and his alone, to protect and serve. Others join the shrine, smaller fox spirits and in the midst of it all, darker spirits begin to reveal themselves around the shrine, trying to get rid of those who call it home. The shrine maiden and the youkai must do whatever they can to protect the shrine.​
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  2. I really like all three of the plots. I would be fine with writing any of them. It's up to you which you wish to do.
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