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  1. For those of you familiar with the setting of The Irregular at Magic High, you can skip some of this :D For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's pretty good so watch it if you'd like.

    I want to keep this simple so that it's not offputting, so I'm not going to explain the magic system in much detail. If you want to know more detail, open the spoiler at the bottom. Please don't let the complexity of the system put you off joining though, because for all intents and purposes, it's just flavour - I don't use numbers or anything, so think of it as a simple Magic School RP.

    This RP would essentially be an average Magic School RP, however, with a few key differences:

    - Most Magic School RPs have Magic as a forbidden art - in this world, magic is well known and widely practiced.

    - Most Magic RPs have relatively 'supernatural' magic systems. The magic system of this RP feels more like a science, which I think would make a much better setting for a School RP - instead of every character having unusual powers, every character's abilities use the same basic casting system, making it much easier to both regulate abilities to make sure they're not OP, and more importantly, to allow direct advice between students etc on how to improve skill.

    So, the setting:

    Around 80 years from now, Magic has been discovered and is in wide use. "Magic" is the manipulation of a particle called a Psion, and other than Spirit Magic (which uses spirits, but is an ancient technique and generally quite uncommon), Psions must be manipulated to use magic. There are 9 Magic High Schools situated across Japan, where this RP would take place (for plot convenience), and this RP would involve the students at Sixth Magic High. Students who attend these schools typically aim to become magicians or magical engineers. The first directly casts magic, the second designs spells for magicians and industrial processes to use.

    Every summer, these 9 schools hold a tournament to determine which school has the most superior magicians and engineers. To begin with, the RP would detail the story of the characters working towards and competing in that tournament, and after that... well, we'll see :D

    Detailed Magic System (open)

    Any given spell consists of two components - an Activation Sequence and a Magic Sequence. The Activation Sequence is basically computer code, and tells the CAD (Cast Assist Device - basically, your wand, but it can take many forms) how to make the Magic Sequence. The Magic Sequence then carries out the actual spell. Activation Sequences can interfere with one another and cancel out, so only one spell can realistically be cast at a time (though the lasting Magic Sequence won't prevent another Activation Sequence from being used).

    Think of them as triggers. You pull one trigger, which is an activation sequence. As soon as the activation sequence has finished building the magic sequence, it turns off and the magic sequence occurs. While the Activation Sequence is on, another activation sequence can't be launched, but once the activation sequence turns off, another one can be cast.

    Spells are programmed like a computer program - you write the activation sequence which controls what the spell does, then when you cast the activation sequence, you imagine the variables you want to put in that control where the spell occurs etc. For example, I make a Fire Mine spell. The variables for that would be Horizontal N-S Distance from caster, Horizontal W-E distance and magnitude of explosion (I'd put codes in that explained what would happen for each magnitude, to save having to put in exact numbers of energy released).

    Once the activation sequence is done, it disappears, however, the Magic Sequence - that is, the mine itself, will remain until someone stands on it, at which point it will explode. The more variables, the longer it takes to cast a spell.

  2. I want in. Can't wait to do the Nine Schools Competition.
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  3. Well that was quick...
  4. I'm familiar with Mahouka, but I'll have to watch the NSC arc again to remember what the Sixth High uniforms look like.
  5. I'm actually watching that right now :D I chose 6th because they never get mentioned at all :D Oddly enough, it's actually the most successful school in terms of quantity though :D Wait nvm, Seventh has the exact same wiki description...

    The uniform is blue, with a whizzy crest like this. Not much else I can find..
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